Thursday, 11 January 2018

Pink Parcel- January 2018 Review

About the box
Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that sends all of your period essentials- so sanitary towels, tampons or a mix of both (your choice), as well as a generous serving of beauty products, a snack item and tea.

£12.99 a month, inc. P&P

About the box

First item out of the box this month is the Bandzee Glamour Hair Ties (full-size pack of 4, £5.95, find them here). You can also get them for £4.95 with a Bandzee subscription, which I imagine is handy if you're a constant hair tie misplacer like me! I love this newer kind of hair ties- they're soft, stop your hair getting a big kink in it, and are surprisingly resilient considering they look like ribbon. You can get all kinds of designs, but in this month's Pink Parcel we get this set, 'Glamour', which is shimmery rose golds/pinks and creams. They also came in an adorable spotty drawstring bag which I thought was a nice touch.

Next is the Laritzy Eye Pencil (full size, £18.00, find it here). I got the shade 'Shimmer' which is a shimmery pearly white, but there are four shades going out so you may get a different one to me. I am kind of shocked at the price of nearly £20 for just one eye pencil, so I probably wouldn't buy it but it's a cute change from regular old black eyeliner. You could use it on your upper lid as usual, or perhaps change it up by running it along your lower waterline to open up your eyes or along your brow bone to illuminate (although that might not work with your shade if you get a pink for example!)

January can notoriously be a bit of a 'blue' month so this is a very topical product to include- this is Made by Coopers Apothecary Happy Mist (30ml, £12.00, find it here). A Blend of lime, basil and clementine essential oils, this 'atmosphere mist' is meant to uplift and energise when spritzed in your environment. The scent is very different, but no unpleasant- I certainly will be using it.

The last beauty item is actually a recent brand repeat, this being Browcote Waterproof Brow Gel (full size, £6.99, find it here). This is made by the same people who bring you the cult lipstick sealer, Lipcote. The see-through liquid is brushed on with the little spoolie attached to the lid and sets your brows in shape, come rain or shine. I like this as it's truly a universal product, being clear.

This was surprising to me at first, but then I remembered this is the January box and lots of people are on health kicks right about now, post-Christmas food-fest! This is Vega Essentials Nutritional Powder (sample, one serving, worth approx. £1.72, find it here). This sample is chocolate flavour but if you like it, you can also buy vanilla flavour. To make a vegan/plant-based smoothie, just blend with a dairy-free milk, one banana and half a cup of ice. It is made with a blend of plant-based protein, fruit and vegetable powders, and chocolate flavouring. There are also serving suggestions for making milkshakes and even baking with it! It's certainly a versatile product and I am all too happy for the world to be embracing animal-free diets, so I am actually really happy Pink Parcel included this, even if it was a bit odd at first look!

The food and tea this month is Montezuma's Organic Milk Chocolate with Chilli & Lime, and We Are Tea, in various 'flavours' (I got peppermint leaf). I really do not like odd things in my chocolate- salt, fruit, chilli- bleurgh. But I am generally the exception to the rule, so I know this is probably a good selection for most and I have lots of friends and family who will gladly take this little bar of my hands. As for the peppermint tea, that's going gratefully into my stash, it's so good for settling my anxious tummy.

Final thoughts
At first glance, I thought I didn't like this selection, but once I tried the products out, read about them and considered them in context of the time of year, I actually came to think this is a really clever, fun selection of products. Pink Parcel has obviously thought about how people might be feeling unhealthy or down after Christmas/festive indulgence and hyperactivity. I appreciate it when lots of thought goes into these boxes, so this is a thumbs up from me!

If you want to sign up to Pink Parcel, their link is here. Also, they now seem to have got their Pink Parcel shop sorted, with all sorts of goodies, including those featured in current and previous boxes. Just click 'Pink Shop' from the homepage to take a look.



  1. I think my favourite products from this month's box are the chocolate, surprise surprise and the Happy Mist. Lime, basil and clementine essential oils are right up my street, I love all things citrus and herby. I also like the eyeliner, I've used a pale pink one to open up my eyes in the past and it's worked quite well. Lovely review and beautiful photos as always, Izzie! X

    Lisa |

  2. I like the sound of this box - looks like you got some great bits this month. I really really love the look and sound of the Happy Mist- which is a really cute idea and sounds like it smells lovely. I’m not a huge fan of fruity chocolate, I don’t like chocolate orange so chilli and lime certainly sounds a bit out there! I’d give it a go though. I’ve worked with We Are Tea before, they’re a great brand!



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