Monday, 15 January 2018

Artemis & Xena- Woodland Adventure Box Review

About the box
Artemis & Xena is a quartlery box service aimed at empowering women and supporting mental health awareness. Each box can be ordered for yourself or sent to someone else as a gift and contain gifts and items based around a theme that can be uplifting, empowering and above all, a lovely treat. I really love this concept.

£19.99 for the one off box. Discounts available if you purchase an annual subscription.

What I got
I'm unboxing and reviewing the contents of this whole, one off box, so beware, spoilers ahead (sorry Lisa! 😀)

This is the 'Woodland Adventures' box, and is absolutely full of woodland creatures!

The first item I pulled out of the box was another box! This is the Sass and Belle Bear On Bike Tin (usually £4.00, £2.50 in sale), it is 11cm x 8 cm and made of tin. It's part of the 'happy animals on bikes' collection at Sass and Belle, and if that's not the most adorable thing I've read all day I don't know what is. I love little boxes and tins like this- they're great for putting little odds and ends in, bits of makeup, sewing things, craft bits, etc. I'm hoping to move house this year so I've put this in my 'happy cute things to decorate my new house with' box.

I love a good notebook, so I was really happy to see this Sass & Belle Animal Adventure Notebook, I got the racoon 'Be Brave' design. The paper inside is plain and unlined, but is surprisingly thick and 'grainy', making it seem of lovely quality and quite satisfying to write on. I think you could use this for both writing and drawing, whichever you prefer.

I love this little fellow, he is the Sass & Belle Woodland Animals Nail File (£1.00). I feel a bit sad using the poor old badgers face to make my nails pretty but he doesn't seem to mind so much.

This is another item part of the 'happy animals on bikes' collection, the Sass & Belle Follow Your Dreams Fox on Bike Plaque (usually £3.50, £1.30 in sale). It is made of tin and has a lovely illustration and quote on the front, along with a metal bendy wire on the back to use for wall hanging purposes. This is another thing for the new house box, it's so cute!

Going along with the nail theme again, we have the Sass & Belle Hedgehog Manicure Set (£6.50), which includes little dinky nail scissors, clippers, tweezers, file and cuticle tool. It all comes in the little zippy up hedgehog. I love having compact nail kits for my handbag so this is a win for me.

I think these have to be my favourite thing in the box, these are Sass & Belle Animal Adventure Coasters (worth ???, you can find them on ebay here). They're really heavy and solid, they feel like stone or something similar and they are such lovely bold illustrations I had to take a photo of each of the four coaster designs to show you how lovely they are!

The final item from the 'Animal Adventure' range are these lovely Gift Tags (£2.50). You get four of each animal design, so twelve in total and they come with lovely jute string to give them a fancy feel. Definitely going in my card and gift wrap basket for future use.

A little beauty addition were these Collection Luscious Lashes Cat's Eye Lashes (£2.99) which is nice, although I still haven't got the hang of these but I imagine I have a few willing guinea pigs in my family who will let me practice.

Finally, along with this adorable packet of chocolate coins, there were some lovely planner and to-do sheets printed on proper card paper which I will actually be using as they are so fancy and easy to read. I love it when even the little things are done well and well thought out in these boxes.

Final thoughts
My approximate estimation of the value of the contents of the box is around £29.00, although this took a lot of guesswork and wasn't based on sales value. Still, this was all curated for me, packed up in a beautifully presented box and sent off for minimal postage costs. I think this is a lovely way of getting some sweet, good quality surprise gifts and the thought behind Artemis & Xena never fails to delight me.

The Woodlands Adventure box is still available, you can find it here.


  1. This is SUCH a cute box! The illustrations are absolutely adorable & I particularly love the little tin cos that could come in really useful and also I love bears 🐻 Great post, as always!


  2. I saw your photo on Insta and I was like, oh, I know what I'm getting now, haha. My box came yesterday and I think there are a couple of different bits but I love them all too. I don't want to say too much here as I'll be posting a review of my box in due course but fab photos, as always, you set the bar so high! X

    Lisa |

  3. This is such a cute idea for a box, oh my lord. I am absolutely in love with all of this, particularly the box (you're right, happy animals on bikes is the best thing ever) and the Be Brave notebook. For some reason they make me want to cry a bit haha, they're so adorable and heartwarming.
    I really need to look into this box more, it looks like the perfect treat to send someone who isn't feeling 100%.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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