Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Pink Parcel- December 2017 Review

About the box
Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that sends all of your period essentials- so sanitary towels, tampons or a mix of both (your choice), as well as a generous serving of beauty products, a snack item and tea.

£12.99 a month, inc. P&P

What I got

The first item I pulled out of the box this month I nearly cried- this is English Laundry Signature Purse Spray (£16.00). This is actually my all time favourite perfume in the world, and last month my cat knocked my bottle of it off my dresser and it smashed, and it was so sad! I can't believe this was included in the box. It really is a lovely, sweet scent. This is meant to be available in the new Pink Parcel shop but I can't actually find it at the moment.

Next is this Maggie Anne Nail Polish in 'Argentina' (full size, 11ml, £10.50, find it here). They have actually sent two shades out this month so you may receive a gold metallic called 'Carmela'. It becomes opaque in one coat, and it's vegan/cruelty free- Maggie Anne polishes really are lovely. They're very Christmas appropriate shades too!

This is The Beauty Crop Eyeshadow Trio in 'Coco Loco' (full size, £8.00, find it here). The Beauty Crop is a company by So Susan, and so is cruelty-free and full of goodness. Unfortunately, mine arrived smashed, but I still managed to get you some fairly good swatches. They're very chocolately themed, which isn't that festive but would make a good brown smokey eye. The packaging is pretty adorable too.

They've managed to sneak another So Susan product in this month, this is Mesmer-Eyes Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (full size, £18.99, find it here). I'm not a user of liquid eyeliner, or really eyeliner in generally so this will go to a friend. It gives a really sharp black line, so great for eyeliner flicks for parties. Of course, being So Susan it is cruelty free.

I love these little guys so much- Pom Secret Santa Snowflake Earrings (£8.00). I was thinking about festive accessories the other day and what did Pink Parcel do but read my mind again? I already have a Christmas jumper, festooned with happy Christmas dogs, so I'm really set for the big day now! I tried to find you guys a link for these, but couldn't see them on the website anywhere, which is sad.

Final non food item this month is this Sanatio Naturalis Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil (full size, 10ml, £15, find it here). I don't normally like orangey scents, but this is actually quite nice and I think would be nice to have in my essential oil diffuser over the festive period. Especially when my neighbour is doing his extra stinky cooking!

The food items this month were the Whittard Earl Grey teabag and the super yummy Fudge Kitchen Orange Caramel Fudge. I'm so glad they haven't sent anything salted caramel finally, this looks so delicious and is going to be eaten as soon as I finish this review!

Final thoughts
I loved this box, such great picks for a December box, almost everything fits the festive theme, and I really enjoyed unboxing it all.

Don't forget, Pink Parcel are doing a special edition festive clutch containing tons of goodies, and it's still on sale- check it out here!

If you would like to sign up to Pink Parcel, find them here.


  1. Wow, you got a lot of goodies in this festive box! I love those little earrings, they are so cute, it's so nice to see something Christmassy but not tacky (if you know what I mean?). I also really like the look of the Sweet Orange Aromatherapy Oil (I do like orange) and the Orange Caramel Fudge - was it as yummy as it looks? And Earl Grey is my favourite tea. What a fab selection, and your photos are beautiful, as always! X

    Lisa |

  2. This looks like a lovely box, I'm so glad you got your favourite perfume. A little Christmas treat for you! And those earrings are adorable, I'd be over the moon with those! I also really like the nail polish, it's very festive and looks a lot like the one I wore on my wedding day :)
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. I bloody love those earrings! I’m the QUEEN of the cold, I love it so they’re right up my street! I love the look of the products you got in this box. I’d love to sniff that oil or put a few drops in the bath - heavenly!


  4. The earrings are so cute! And such a shame that your palette arrived smashed... will they replace that for you? Sob sob!

    Claudia xo

  5. I got my box a few days ago and I love it so much. The perfume, earrings and nail varnish are my favourite pieces.


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