Saturday, 4 November 2017

Powder Beauty Drawer- November 2017 Review

The contents of the November Powder Beauty Drawer arranged with dried petals around the pink drawer.

About the box
Powder, part of Time Inc who bring you magazines such as Marie Claire and InStyle, has been around for a couple of years now. At first, it only did seasonal boxes, but nowadays you can get monthly boxes that come in a lovely pink (powder pink, actually!) drawer box. Expect a mix of makeup, skincare and nail products.

£15.00 a month plus £3.50 P&P

What I got

A hand holding two sample bottles of Hugo Boss fragrance

Let's start with the most underwhelming product of the month, shall we? Powder sent not one but two teeny tiny samples of fragrance- Hugo Boss The Scent Intense For Her EDP and Hugo Boss The Scent Intense For Him EDP. I really am not keen on getting these teeny vials of fragrance, so two is kind of annoying. The For Her is actually quite nice- kind of fruity and sweet. The For Him is hard to describe, kind of spicy? Apparently, it has hints of leather in it which I think is what I don't like.

A hand holding the HASK Deep Conditioner Sachet

Next is this enormous sachet of HASK Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner (full-size sachet, 50ml, £2.49, find it here). This hair mask (oh! HASK! I get it!) is meant to soften, reduce breakage and general deep condition your hair. There's a good amount in here so if you have long or thick hair you can hopefully cover everything.

Hand holding The Organic Pharmacy Lip and Eye Cream tube

This is The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream (full size, 10ml, £26.95, find it here). Considering this costs nearly £30 I was hoping it was made of magic beans, but it seems like it's just a regular cream! You can use it around the eye area to combat puffiness and dark circles, and actually on your lips for dryness. It contains fennel, 'eyebright' (???), bilberry, and frankincense. It is, of course, organic as well as cruelty-free.

Hand holding bottle of Lottie London Lottie Lacquer in hump day, a sparkly nail varnish

Next, we have Lottie London Lottie Lacquer in 'happy hump day' (full size, 12ml, £5.99, find it here). You might also receive the varieties 'hipster', 'gimme the beat', 'adorbs', 'downtime', 'stay-cool' or 'hype'. Questionable shade names aside, this is a cute glittery top coat, with holographic glitter. You could also use it on its own for a subtle sparkle.

Hand holding Brush Works Sponge, a pink makeup sponge

We actually had a makeup sponge last month, so I was surprised to see this, the Brush Works HD Multi Tasking Sponge (full size, £6.49, find it here). Nevertheless, I am always here for fancy makeup sponges, and this one is very interesting. It's soft, squishy, smooth and made of 'latex free material'. The various contours and curves of it mean it is truly multitasking, as you can use it for foundation, blending, concealer, etc.

Hand holding Face inc Night Mask, in a blue and white packet

The final item this month is the Faceinc by NailsInc Night Night Soothing Hydro Night Mask (full size, £5.00, find it here). You may receive the variety of 'Bubble Burst Hydrating Serum' instead. Either way, you're getting some sort of hydration mask this month, which is really no use to my oily skin, but if you're suffering from dry skin in this cold winter weather this will be a great one for you. It does say it's for all skin types, but my skin is so oily, acne prone and reactive, it really isn't sensible for me to be putting something like this on it! It contains fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants, to protect your skin from damage and ageing.

Final thoughts
This definitely was not my favourite month. There's only a couple of items that really wowed me. However, I think most people without my problem skin would probably be more excited by it! That's the way the subscription box cookie crumbles!


  1. Interesting selection of products. I like the look of the hair mask (the combination of Autumnal weather and central heating is frying my hair) and the night mask. I'm with you on perfume samples, perfume is such a personal choice too. I think, on balance, I preferred last month's Powder box. Gorgeous photos, as always, and thank you for an honest review X

    Lisa |

  2. I like the overall theme they were going for with kind of comforting products to combat the cold weather, it’s just a shame that so many aren’t going to work for you. The glittery top coat is my favourite from the box - I’m such a magpie!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. I like little tester pots of fragrance but I'd be a bit meh if this was genuinely one of the products in the box! I bet they smell nice though! I'm sorry that this wasn't the best box for you but I hope you get as much use out of the products as possible!


  4. I totally agree with you, the little tester perfumes is kind of annoying. I used to have a whole basket full of them until it got to the point where they were chucked. If I am honest, I think the hair mask is the only product I would actually use from this box, which is a shame as the other products looks quite good. Definitely worth the £15 price tag for some people!

    This is why I never bother with subscription boxes, I hate being disappointed, haha.


  5. Argh! I hope the products are good when you use them, but they all seem so tiny! Great review! Send it to them ;)

    Claudia xo

  6. I'm not keen on those mini perfume bottles too! The rest of this box sounds great though, that nails inc face mask sounds great x

  7. I've never had one of these subscription boxes but I keep seeing them and you did see to get god value for just a price of £15. I love the Happy Hump Day polish. Mich x

  8. It is an interesting selection of products. I suppose a box like this has to be generalised so that it could suit as many people as possible, therefore, those who have skin problems might be left feeling disappointed sometimes. The box itself looks really beautiful though, I’ve never had a subscription box before and I love looking at people’s Instagram photos and blog posts about them.

  9. I love subscription boxes. Such a great way to sample loads of products without buying full sized. Love the sound of the hair mask :)

  10. I love that Boss fragrance for women - it's one of my favourites! x

  11. I have not heard of this beauty box before but it looks good! I love the nail polish

  12. What a lovely choice of products - I especially love the gold glitter nail polish!! So pretty!


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