Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Pink Parcel- November 2017 Review

About the box
Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that sends all of your period essentials- so sanitary towels, tampons or a mix of both (your choice), as well as a generous serving of beauty products, a snack item and tea.

£12.99 a month, inc. P&P

What I got

Hand holding The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick, a gold tube

A hand swatch of Glamazon stick, which is a pale gold shimmer

The first item this month was something that looked kind of familiar to me- this is The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick (full size, £9.00, find it here). I am fairly certain this is one of those (many) sister brands of US company So Susan. The packaging is so similar to theirs, and this stick even has those big oversized lids they do that don't look like they fit the tube. A little detectiving on the internet says I'm probably right. Anyway, this is a crayon highlighter, tending towards the gold side and needing quite a few swipes unless you're wanting something very subtle. Made with cocoa butter and Vitamin E it's meant to be quite nourishing, and all Beauty Crop products are cruelty-free.

Hand holding the Lipcote Lipstick Sealer, a glass tube of clear liquid

Next in beauty is the Lipcote Lipstick Sealer (full size, 7ml, £3.69, find it here). I honestly always saw Lipcote as kind of an old-fashioned thing so have never bought it, but I'm willing to try it. The only downside is it smells extremely strong, like varnish. The applicator is a little brush attached to the lid. I've heard that it can sting on application which does kind of make sense given the smell but I'll try anything once! This is a clear sealer which won't affect the colour of your lipstick.

Hand holding bottle containing blue liquid, the Nail HQ All In One Oil

I was really happy about this product- Nail HQ All In One Oil (full size, 10ml, £6.95, find it here). I love these treatments for my nails, and I only use clear polishes. However, the booklet says it contains hydrolysed collagen, which is basically made from stuff like ligaments and bone- basically, it's an animal-derived product a lot like gelatine. I've been a vegetarian since birth (yes, my entire life!) so I don't use these products, and will have to give this away to someone else. I'm really disappointed, as there are so many nail strengthening products that don't use this stuff, but I guess that's just the way it goes with these boxes.

Hand holding long opaque tube of Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray

This, weirdly, is my favourite item in the box- the Swiss Clinic Cleansing Spray (full size, 10ml, £11.00, find it here). I actually really love trying out new hand sanitisers, and this one is lovely- great smell, gentle and in a funky spray tube with a little clip to keep it secure in your handbag or pocket.

Hand holding a the Radiant Glow Face Mask, the packaging covered in a fruit and lady print

The last beauty item, and my other favourite item is this Beautinq Beauty Radiant Glow Face Mask (full size, $6.00/approx. £4.57, find it here). This mask brightens and plumps skin and has anti-ageing properties. It contains vitamin C, antioxidants, niacinamide and various fruit extracts. Niacinamide is a hero ingredient for congested skin like mine so this is a keeper for sure. Also, how lovely is that packaging- I know that's shallow but it is really pretty!

Hand holding small black box containing Cocoba Truffles

Hand holding a sachet teabag of Cuppanut Ginger and Turmeric Tea

The snacky treats this month are the Cocoba Truffles, but they are salted toffee flavour, which as you know salted chocolate is my worst enemy so these will not be eaten by me! Perhaps a certain penpal might like these (wink wink)? The tea this month is Cuppanut Tea in a ginger & turmeric infusion, which is a perfect autumn winter flavour. Turmeric is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, and since I have a broken foot (again) I might as well give it a go!

Final thoughts
This wasn't a favourite, but I love the sanitiser and mask, and the nail product will be well loved by a non-vegetarian friend of mine. The highlighter is welcome, as I always love highlighters, and everything else, though not amazing, is still good with me (except yucky salted chocolate, boo hiss).

On a side note, the booklet with this month's Pink Parcel has a note about an upcoming treat- the Pink Parcel Party Clutch is back this year, costing £29.99 with over £100 worth of stuff in it. These special editions are usually pretty good and sell out quickly, so keep an eye on the Pink Parcel social media to see when it will go on sale- they're keeping their cards close to their chest on this one. I will also try and remind my followers too as soon as I see news about it!

If you would like to sign up to Pink Parcel, you can find their link here.


  1. I always think everything is so teeny tiny in these boxes!! The cuppanut sounds so cute though!

    Claudia xo

  2. First of all, your photos are BEAUTIFUL as always, they show off these products so artistically. Seriously, you should write a flatlay tips post! I love the look and sound of the face mask, and if you can stand the slight stinging, I'd highly recommend Lipcote, it really works. Not one to use every day though, it can be a little drying. The turmeric/ginger tea sounds interesting and the Cocoba Truffles look absolutely delicious (wink, wink) I think your extremely lucky penpal would love them, haha! Fab post, X

    Lisa |

  3. I love that highlighter! And the packaging of that face mask is great! I think that sounds like something I'd try but I'm always wary of face masks after I had an allergic reaction to the last one I used a few years ago - I haven't used one since haha!


  4. What a shame about the nail polish! I'm always put-off by brands that use animal products. That sanitiser spray is so unusual and cool though!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  5. I think I would be more inclined to sign up for this just for the beauty products and tea, haha! Getting pads and tampons in the mail would be great for some people, but due to my PCOS I never know whether my period is coming or going! I went a bit crazy in Poundland a few months ago and now have a stash that would rival someone preparing for a Nuclear war!

    Your photos really show off the box well. Thanks for sharing this! :)


  6. I say this every single time but your photos are stunning! This box has always intrigued me and I like the concept a lot. You're right though, that's so annoying they've used animal products in the nail varnish. The packaging on that mask looks beautiful, I think that would've been my favourite from this box!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


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