Monday, 6 November 2017

October Favourites

I wish...that one day, I will have a favourites post out before the 1st of the month!


The Loneliest Girl In The Universe // Lauren James // Goodreads

Book cover for The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, featuring a girl surrounded by stars in space

Still on my space fiction book kick this month, I decided to try this one, about a girl, Romy, travelling on a generation ship to a new earth. A tragedy has caused her, at 16, to become the captain of her ship and the increasingly long latency periods of messages between her and NASA/earth are only increasing her feeling of utter loneliness. When she finds out NASA has sent a new ship that will be with her within months, which means people, companionship and more supplies, Romy is thrilled. However, everything starts to get a bit weird from there.

I really loved this book- the twists were amazing. Just when you thought you'd seen the last twist, the author hits you with another one. I love the way she showed how hard it would be to contact earth from deep space and how lonely it would be out there alone. Though this book is Young Adult fiction, it was written in a mature way so that everyone could enjoy it. A definite recommend!


The Shannara Chronicles is the ultimate in fantasy TV, and I devoured Season 1 last year when I discovered it on Netflix. Now Season 2 is here, on Spike/Channel 5 in the UK, and if anything it's even better. There's magic, trolls, elves, fighting, badass heroes and heroine, warlocks...just everything! I honestly wish I could binge watch Season 2 in one go, I love it that much.


If you're a 90s kid like me and grew up with a PlayStation, then you might have played some of the older Final Fantasy games. My favourite, Final Fantasy 7, has some of the best video game music out there, in my opinion. The legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu created so much of the Final Fantasy music over the years, and you can often see it all performed live by choir and orchestra in the amazing Distant Worlds concerts. My sister actually got a ticket to go and see it without me this year, so of course, she is no longer my sister (haha). Honestly, I have listened to the two Distant Worlds albums so much over the years but this past month even more so than usual. If you fancy some beautiful music, try out Aerith's Theme and To Zanarkand, my two most favourite pieces. You can buy the first album here.

Box of the Month

Second-time winners here we come- it's VO Beauty again. Their October box was so amazing, with an amazing palette, a mask from the awesome Space Masks, a vegan eyeliner, some incredible cruelty-free perfume and some adorable bath bombs (which I may or may not have broken again). I really loved it, and I honestly love this subscription so much. Check out the review here.

I'd love to hear about your October? Let me know below what you think of my favourites, and what your own favourites were.



  1. I can't believe I haven't watched The Shannara Chronicles, they sound right up my street, I'm such a Tolkein fan. And you know how much I love your Beauty Box reviews. I think my favourite October box of yours was your Powder Beauty one 😍 Lovely round up! X

    Lisa |

  2. I tried to watch The Shannara Chronicles but didn’t get very far! I think I bought the first book too, I wonder where that is...

    Claudia xo

  3. I've heard SO many amazing things about this book. I wasn't sure if it was my sort of thing - I was under the impression it was really soppy and romantic and that's not my sort of thing but apparently it's not so I might have to give it a go!



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