Thursday, 16 November 2017

Quirky & Fun Christmas Gifts Guide 2017

I've never done a Christmas gift guide before, this being my blogs first Christmas. So, I haven't gone all out and done a multi-category, seven hundred entry Boots gift catalogue style guide. I thought I'd pull together a few things from different brands I love, and am hoping I chose things just that little bit odd or obscure enough that you won't have seen them in a million other gift guides.

Anything marked with an asterisk * has been gifted by a brand/PR, but this does not mean I was obligated to include them or express a positive opinion. Anything not marked was bought/provided by me.

Beauty & The Beast Chip Mug, £12.99, Find Me A Gift*

Beauty & The Beast has been all the rage this year after the amazing Emma Watson live-action remake. And nothing is cuter to drink your tea out of than the adorable Chip Mug. This is an officially licensed Disney product, so no shoddy stuff here. He's ceramic, and make sure you don't put him in the microwave or dishwasher, lest your poor buddy suffer a terrible fate. I honestly love this little dude so much, I think all of my other mugs may be a little neglected! He is currently out of stock on the Find Me A Gift website, but according to the product page more stock will arrive on 20th November!

Pride & Prejudice Personalised Book, £14.99, Find Me A Gift*

Ever read a romantic book or watched a period drama and though *sigh*, if only that were me? Well, now it can be. Uhh...sort of. Star in your very own personalised version of Pride and Prejudice! You really can have Mr Darcy for your very own! Ahem. Anyway, there are six characters to personalise, including Elizabeth, Jane and Lydia Bennet, Mr Darcy, Charles Bingley and George Wickham. If you don't want to personalise a particular character, you can leave them as their original selves, and then it all gets printed out, bound up and sent to you! This is definitely a book I'll treasure!

No. 309 Daisy Perfume, £18.00 (30ml), Eden Perfumes

Eden Perfumes are my new favourite cruelty-free company for fragrance- they only use vegan-friendly ingredients, and they match lots of your favourite designer brand scents. I'll let you figure out which famous designer fragrance this one matches, but here's a hint- the bottle has a massive daisy on it. It smells remarkably similar, if not a little better- maybe it's because you know that no animals were harmed making it, and it was such a reasonable price. I've got some of this for my sister for Christmas, and it's worth popping over to browse to see if you can find your favourite scent.

Nail Transfers, £5.00, House of Wonderland*

House of Wonderland is one of my new favourite stores- they stock an abundance of cute jewellery, homeware, gifts, and even things like pet tags. I was so excited when they sent me these nail transfers- I'm not so good at painting my nails, but nail transfers are an easier way of jazzing up my nails that don't really require such steady hands. Just cut out the little design you want, dip in water, then slide the transfer onto your nail. They stock all sorts of designs, my favourite being the cactus ones! My top tip would be to use nail scissors to cut them out as they're dinky designs and kitchen scissor will be too clunky!

Flutter Eye Mask, £3.00 (was £6.00!), Superdrug

I wanted to include something at the very lowest end of the price point, and this seemed like a good range to showcase- the Flutter range from Superdrug is extremely reasonable. Everything seems to be around £15 or less, and includes beauty bits, keyrings and stationery things. This cooling eye mask will be handy if you've overindulged slightly over Christmas and have a bit of a sore head. Pop inside a freezer proof bag, then put in the fridge for about an hour, then place over your eyes and lie back and let it soothe your poor old head and eyes!

So, that's my little selection of gifts and brands I think are worth a look this Christmas! What do you think of my picks? Have you got any you would add? Let me know below in the comments!