Thursday, 5 October 2017

September Favourites

It's definitely autumn now...brrrrr!


This book was one of my favourite reads of the month, without a doubt. Set before, during and after World War II (it flits back and forth), this book follows two main characters.  Firstly there is German boy Werner who, trying to escape the shadow of his father, who died in the mines in his hometown and meant he and his sister grew up in an orphanage, falls in with the Hitler Youth. Through him we follow various other characters in Germany and see Hitler's chilling rise to power and Germany's transformation into a brutal fascist state. The other main character is Marie Laure, who has been blind since she was six, and grew up in Paris with her father, a locksmith. We follow her and her father's flight from Paris after it's invasion, and what happens when they move in with her Great Uncle. The way the author weaves everything together, and how he describes things, is just mesmerising and I really couldn't stop reading this obsessively until I had finished it. The ending was really very bittersweet, but I loved this book all the same.

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I have been waiting for Season 2 of The Expanse for SO LONG and I was really excited when it finally came to Netflix in September.  Based on a book by James S A Corey, this is set fairly far in the future where humanity has spread across the solar system and space travel is a pretty regular part of daily life. Settlers have inhabited Mars, which is it's own separate 'nation' to Earth (now run by the UN), and then there are the 'belters', who inhabit settlements on the asteroid belt. There is a very uneasy peace between all three, and there is also a pretty awesome whacky science based conspiracy that has been woven through both season. If it's possible, season 2 was even more amazing than the first season and I absolutely blazed through it. If you've been wanting a decent space drama and don't mind paying for Netflix, I would so so so recommend this.


For some reason I got all nostalgic for Matt Smith's run as Doctor Who with Amy, Rory and River this month. Actually I know the reason- IT WAS AWESOME! Particularly the soundtrack, by Murray Gold, and particularly the season 6 soundtrack. If you're wondering which specific tracks, I would recommend giving Infinite Potential, Melody Pond, and The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box) a listen or thousand.

Box of the Month

This months Box of the Month has to go to Rainbow Box Club's first ever box, their September edition which was all about everything tasty, including donut, biscuit and chocolate themed things. I loved it so much and I can't wait to see what they'll do next!

See my review here.
Check out the Rainbow Box Club website here.


  1. I love the look of the Doughnut Ever Give Up box! 😍 That's amazing! Also, that Netflix series sounds really good & right up my street! Will have to have a look out for it as I need a new series to watch very soon anyway (:


  2. That box looks amazing, I'm definitely going to check that out. And I absolutely loved All The Light We Cannot See, I felt kind of breathless after I finished it because it was just so good!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  3. I'm so glad you loved All The Light We Cannot See, it was my absolute favourite book of 2016, I just could not put it down. The writing was unlike anything else I'd ever read and all the details and references were amazing. And your doughnut box looks YUMMY! I enjoyed reading this post, it's such a good round up of everything! X

    Lisa |

  4. I need to check out All The Light We Cannot See! I love WWII era books. Although bittersweet endings tend to put me off. Give me a happy ending any day!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3


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