Friday, 20 October 2017

Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker Review & Final Thoughts

*I received this product free of charge but all opinions are unbiased and completely mine!*

So, I've tested it for a couple of months now (see my 'first few nights' post here)- what do I think and how did I get in?

Cost: £129.95

Buy it here: Resmed here // John Lewis here // Amazon here

What it does:

  • Bluetooth technology connects the tracker base to the smartphone app
  • Tracks motion, light, noise, breathing patterns to understand your sleep quality and patterns
  • Analyses your sleep data and provides reports and tips (S+ Mentor)
  • It can help you get to sleep with relaxing sounds tailored to the rhythm of your breathing (Relax to Sleep)

What I liked best about the S+

I found the sleep insight and S+ Mentor tips mostly really helpful. I could see patterns emerging- for example, the more coffee I drank in the day, the worse I slept at night. The same with naps- if I let myself nap too much in the day, I wouldn't sleep for as long at night.

The tracker is really easy to use. You just pair it with your smartphone while your Bluetooth is switched on, and then open the app. Then you're ready to track. There is nothing to stick under the mattress, wear on the wrist or on the body. It just sits beside the bed tracking quietly.

You get a sleep score (out of 100) every morning which is a really easy and simple way of seeing if you slept well last night.

The Relax To Sleep function is amazing- you can pick from a number of sounds, such as ocean waves, and as you fall asleep you can actually hear the rhythm of the sound match itself to your breathing. Somehow this tricked me into relaxing quicker and going to sleep, and I found it really useful.

What I didn't like so much

I had to prop the tracker up on a box on my bedside table as I have one of the higher mattresses. This is because the bottom of the tracker is meant to be higher than the top of your mattress. This isn't really Resmed's fault, but maybe if they did a newer version they could keep this trend of newer, higher mattresses in mind?

That was pretty much the only problem I had with the tracker! It's so easy to use, it's me-proof!

Final thoughts

I'm definitely going to keep using the S+. It's so easy, it's pretty much a set it and forget it device- or rather, set it and sleep (although that doesn't rhyme so well!) I'm hoping I can try and work on some of my sleep triggers, as they are identified. I have already cut down on caffeinated coffee!

So, have you ever tried a sleep tracker? Do you think you'd enjoy trying the S+? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This seems like a really interesting device. Sometimes I wake up at 3.00am and lie awake for a couple of hours wondering why I've woken up and why I can't fall back asleep. And alcohol is not the culprit either! Perhaps this might help identify the reason, I shall have a look on their website. What I particularly like the sound of too is the Relax To Sleep function, I think that would really help me when I wake up at odd hours during the night. Thank you for a really helpful review!

    Lisa |

  2. I've always been interested about these sleep frackers! It's great that you've learnt something from it to and started to notice patterns and behaviours which causes your quality of sleep to decline! I wake up about a hundred times each night so I'm doubtful my score in the morning would be very good ag all!

    Jenny 🎠

  3. I think I need this. My sleep is either really bad, or really odd. There is no in between. I have always had poor sleeping habits.

  4. this sounds fantastic. My husband really struggles with sleeping so a tracker could really help :)

  5. It sounds like an interesting item, i used to have sleep problems so this would have been useful for me back then

  6. Sounds like a rather intriguing product! My sleep quality is absolutely terrible these days so I think I could really benefit from trying something like this out.

  7. My fitness tracker tracks my sleep to some extent, but I don't really trust it. I can see this would be really useful to have, if not slightly depressing in my house as I have a toddler sleep thief!

  8. This is something I would like to try out as I don't sleep for very long at night. I tried fitbit sleeping thing but found it uncomfortable to wear in bed. I will look into this. Thank you. xx

  9. This sounds really interesting. I often wake up feeling tired and exhausted still so would love to know how much sleep I'm actually getting.
    C x

  10. That's so clever! I have an app that tracks my sleep but because I'm so restless, it doesn't always pick up my whole sleep. I'll end up with it thinking I slept for two hours when really I just got up to get a glass of water. I might need to invest in one of these instead.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  11. This sounds like a really interesting device, I'd love to try it out myself. Although I tend to get quite solid sleep, but I don't go to bed till really late so I'm probably just exhausted half the time!

  12. What an amazing device! I struggle with getting a good nights sleep, so I'm all about anything that can help me get more rest.

  13. This is absolutely brilliant! I would love to give this a whirl and see the results.

  14. Wow! This is super! I want to get one of this. Sleeping is everything to me now. I would totally love to get more info about my sleeping pattern.

  15. I love using different sleep trackers and find it absolutely fascinating seeing my sleeping pattern. I've never heard of this app before but will be sure to look out for it!

  16. I honestly really need one of these, I have awful sleep patterns and I also suffer from sleep paralysis, so being able to track what's causing poor sleep would be amazing. Definitely going on my Christmas list :)
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  17. Super clever and interesting I would love to track my sleep

  18. This actually seems so cool and interesting, I have tried out many apps in the past but this seems pretty cool!! Loved reading your opinion on it :) xx

  19. I've wanted to do this for the longest time, none of the apps I've tried seem any good. I will have to invest in this :)

  20. I've heard about these they sound fantastic. Trouble is I get so little sleep there wouldn't be a great deal to track!! 🙈


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