Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Dollibox- October 2017 Review

About the box
Dollibox is a beauty subscription where you will receive five full-sized or 'deluxe' sized beauty products every month from both well-known brands and more niche ones. Everything is a surprise- unlike many subscription boxes they do not reveal any of the contents beforehand.

£10/month, plus £3.90 P&P

What I got

First, this month is this absolutely enormous tube of Patisserie de Bain Cranberries & Cream Hand & Body Lotion (full size, 200ml, £4.99, find it here). This is extremely scented, kind of gloopy textured, and really is a bit like putting food on your body. I'm really not keen and I'm not a dry skinned person but if you like this sort of thing you'll be pleased with the extremely large amount of it!

Another moisturiser in the same month (SIGH), here we have Palmer's Coconut Formula Hand Cream (full size, 60g, £2.49, find it here). This hand cream contains ethically sourced coconut oil, for rough and dry skin, particularly hands, elbows and knees. I don't have dry any of those things, so this will probably go to my mum.

Here we have the OSIS Session Label Hairspray ('travel' size, 100ml, approx. £4.13, find it here). This is a maximum hold, super dry hairspray in a handy travel size which makes it easy to pop in your bag. I like the fancy black can but other than that I don't use hairspray really ever, so this is another one for the donation pile.

Next is this super spooky Montagne Jeunesse Trick or Treat Peel Off Face Mask (full size, £1.00, find it here). This is essentially just a Halloween-ified version of their cucumber peel off face mask. These masks are vegetarian, cruelty-free and British made. I love peel off masks, I find them so satisfying, so I'm definitely keeping this. There's also a competition on the pack involving some sort f spooky selfie thing.

This is a Mermaid Bay Wax Melt (full size, £2.20). I got the scent 'Cotton Candy Carnival', which smells lovely and sweet, but it's my understanding that other people may have got one of a selection in their boxes, so it's more or less a surprise! They are also cruelty-free. I can't actually find a website for these guys so I get the impression they only sell through social media (@mermaidbaywaxmelts)?

The final item this month, which is my favourite, is the Heng Fang Highlight Liquid in '02' (full size, $13.99, find it here). I got the shade '02' which is a classic golden highlight, but I'm not sure if the other two shades are going out in other boxes too? It's quite a watery consistency but I think that's quite good as you can build it up or just use one swipe for a subtle glow. That way, it's harder to make mistakes in just one try.

Final thoughts
This definitely wasn't my favourite box for a long time- two moisturisers, when I am the opposite of a dry skinned person, and hairspray that I don't use. However, I know there are a lot of people out there that suffer very badly with dry skin in the winter months, and use plenty of hairspray every day, so since I am reviewing these for my readers I have to admit that this still passes as a good box- for others. That's the price you pay for subscription boxes- sometimes you will love it, sometimes you will be a bit disappointed. It's kind of fun though, a bit like a lucky dip!

If you would like to sign up to Dollibox, their website is here. This is a referral link- if people sign up through my link it goes towards me getting a free box (eventually!)



  1. Oh dear, that's a shame this month's box wasn't a hit for you. I guess every subscription service has their off months. But can't wait to see your spooky mask selfie, haha! X

    Lisa |

  2. I really like the sound of this box. I think you can always make use for moisturiser even if you don't have dry skin (: my mum has used the Patisserie brand before and it does smell good and I LOVE Palmers. I also love that highlighter. The only thing in here I probably wouldn't use is the face mask as last time (years ago) I used one I had an allergic reaction and my face was BOILING hot and ugh, nasty. But other than that, I think I would have been dead happy with this (:


  3. Some generous products in your sub box. I like that the products are a mix of skin care and make up.

  4. Shame it wasn't the best but it seems like there were a few good products at least. I love the novelty of the Halloween mask, haha!

  5. I've not heard of Dollibox before, but love the selection of products you get! x

  6. What a fab box. That Trick or Treat peel off mask sounds amazing. I love that brand and I've just picked up some of their Primark exclusives including a Pumpkin one.

    Ami xxx

  7. I love that they have full sized products, some of the other boxes that give sachets and products don't look half as impressive. It seems good value for money.

  8. These days I just feel like there's so many beauty subscription boxes! lol. I really like the first cranberry and creme lotion, im curious about the scent tho! hahah "putting food on your body"

  9. It’s a great price but not really for what you get inside, they aren’t full sized products and I could probably find them in my local pound shop. It’s a shame that it’s a little bit of a let down but I would have been happy with the Halloween mask!

  10. Oh dear! This isn't the best box, eh? It doesn't look like you got the best value for money. I'm always a fan of Palmers though, even when my skin isn't dry. I slather hand cream on like nobodies business!
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

  11. That's looks like a great box, I love trying a mixture of different products that I might not have bought. Usually I find something I rally like.

  12. What an impressive beauty box, I have not heard of this subscription box but £10 ia a lovely price for sure

  13. I kind of love the idea that the box is a surprise; I get Glossybox and Birchbox and I hate when they show you what'll be in the next box! However I'm so with you, two moisturisers in one box is ridiculous. But I do love a peel-off mask too!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  14. I’ve been getting Dollibox a long time & wondered what they were thinking for October, then an email came saying November’s is the final Dollibox (it wasn’t great either) so I assume October’s & especially November’s box was using up what was left since the last box we didn’t get a description just a goodbye note. I’ll miss it though, I had some fab boxes from them & particularly liked how one item would be a locally, ethically sourced product.


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