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Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker*: First Few Nights

*This product was received for the purpose of my honest and unbiased review*

For the past week, I've been testing the S+ Sleep Tracker, by Resmed. This cute little device, which sits on your beside table, has a big brain inside that little body. In this post I'm going to tell you about my first few nights using it, and a little bit about how it works!


Setup is easy. Just download the companion app to your smartphone from your corresponding app store, follow the simple instructions, and then turn on your device. You have to sign up for an account, confirm your email, and answer a fairly detailed questionnaire about your health and lifestyle. Once connected by Bluetooth, you're ready for that nights sleep. The only thing I found a bit difficult here was, that the bottom of the device needs to be above the top of your mattress. Since my mattress is one of those humongous thick ones (about 26cm I think!) this was a bit of a thinker for me. My bedside table is a bit low. My solution was to just put it on a few books at night, since I always have a couple by my bed. It's a bit annoying, but not a deal breaker.

First Night

So when it's time to go to sleep, you simply make sure your app is connected to the device, click the green 'sleep' button, and follow the instructions. You have a few options to choose from here, which is where the device starts to get really clever.

It has a little questionnaire about your day. Filling this in means that every time you sleep, the S+ can analyse what triggers affect your sleep. The more you track and fill this in, the more accurate and helpful your results will be.

The other options you can choose before you sleep:

Mind Clear: This is where, if you have something on your mind, you can record it on Mind Clear and feel relaxed in the knowledge that it can be put away until the next day. I haven't used this yet, but I think it's a great idea. You can record a voice memo, or a text memo.

Smart Alarm: If you want to wake up at a specific time the next day, set the time here and it will wake up gently and slowly the next day. If you're in light sleep it will be able to wake you very gently over up to 30 minutes- if you are not detected as in light sleep in this window, it will finally sound a proper alarm to make sure you're up. The sounds come through the app on your phone, not the device.

Relax to Sleep: This is by far my favourite sleep time option. Choose from a sound, for example crashing waves, and when you enter sleep tracking the sound will start. After a couple of minutes, as the tracker detectes your breathing it will start to synchronise the rhythm of the noise to your breathing. I was sceptical of this when I first saw it, but honestly the first night I tried it I was asleep in 9 minutes! There's something about following the sound along until your breathing slows- I think it's meant to train you to relax, and it really does!

Results- In The Morning

Here's a couple of example nights from my first week. As you can see, my score (out of 100) isn't fantastic, which is a reflection of the fact that I suffer from quite poor sleep. A mixture of anxiety, a noisy cat and bad acid reflux all combine to have me waking quite a lot and often waking very early too. What I have noticed though is that the sleep I do get seems to be ok quality. Not fantastic, but I have a good foundation to build on. Some of the tips the S+ tracker have given me so far are to drink less caffeine (eek!), and take a long walk during the day/before bed.

The above screenshots are of the 'hypnogram', which show the amount of Wake time, REM sleep, Light sleep, and Deep sleep you've got in the night. It has some tips at the bottom every day relevant to your night, and a graph showing at what times in the night you were having what kinds of sleep.

Thoughts so far

So far, I'm loving the tracker. I was sceptical of it, and yes it does have limitations, but it does a few things very well and really does give you useful insight into your sleep. Plus, the relax to sleep function is so useful and soothing. There are a few things I might change about it, but if a friend was looking for a sleep tracker, I would definitely still include this in my recommendations if they asked me.

There will be a final thoughts post in October, including:

  • Screenshots from my S+ tracking page on the main website- this is more detailed than the app and really interesting!
  • My pros and cons list of the device.
  • Whether I think the S+ has improved my sleep.
  • Answers to any of your questions- pop them below, on my Instagram post or tweet me and let me know what you'd like to know, and I'll answer it in my October post!

If you like what you hear and want to buy an S+ tracker, you can find them on their website, here!


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