Thursday, 7 September 2017

Rainbow Box Club- September 2017 Review

About the box
Rainbow Box Club is a monthly lifestyle subscription which sends fun, interesting things, all kept as a surprise each month until they reach your door. It's like a little happy mail package sent just for you.

£14/month, inc. P&P, or £15 for a one off box.

What I got
I was kinda nervous about this box, as it is a brand new launch and there were pretty much no spoilers whatsoever when I signed up. But thankfully, it was a lovely surprise!

The theme definitely seems to be around sweet treats, and this donut sticker was a sign of yummy things to come!

First I found this amazing Biscuit Coaster! It's a jammy dodger design coaster with a smooth vinyl top and little grippy bits on the bottom. It's perfect for my bedside table and I really love it! I think this might be one of the Rainbow Box Club's own designs?

This is the Totally Tubular Donut Enamel Pin (£5.99). It is iron with a black nickel finish, and is quite weighty and premium feeling. This will look great on a coat or a pocket. Totally Tubular make pop culture and nostalgic merchandise and accessories, including pin badges and hats.

This is what made the entire box smell like baked goods! These are Simple Candle Co Handmade Wax Melts. There are chocolate and ice cream shapes, and they all smell absolutely sweet like chocolate and cake all mixed up. I regularly use wax melts so these will be useful. Simple Candle Co are a UK based wax melt and candle company that also run their own wax melt monthly subscription!

These gorgeous little Tea & Biscuit Earrings are by Inna Box, who make and sell all sorts of cute and quirky accessories. These earrings are worth £6.00. I love them, and they go with the theme so so well!

This is an Iron on Donut Patch, which I think is another Rainbow Box Club design. It's lovely and I can't wait to choose something to add it to.

Finally are some paper/planner bits, including the 'Doughnut Ever Give Up' print and some absolutely adorable and delicious planner stickers!

Final thoughts
I think you can already tell, but just in case- I LOVE THIS BOX! It's cute and quirky, has handmade, UK made things, stuff to wear, stuff for the home. It's just brilliant!

If you want to sign up to Rainbow Box Club, their link is here.

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