Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My 2017 Reading Challenge: A Few I've Read So Far

So this year I set my Goodreads reading challenge at 50, which was a bit more manageable than last year. I'm going to share a few I've read so far, although I'm currently at 38 books read, so don't worry, I'm not going to list them all!

Go Back To Where You Came From, Sasha Polakow-Suransky (*I was given access to an Advance Reader Copy of this book for the purpose of my unbiased and honest review- my thanks to the publisher and Netgalley*)

I had high hopes for this book- you guys know how I love a non fiction read- but whether it was my expectations differing from the actual content of the book, or something else, we just didn't gel. I was hoping there'd be more proper interviews, oral history type reporting, but a lot of it was more dry analysis and academic history. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it wasn't that accessible for me, coming from a non academic background in terms of history and sociology. The other thing I will say is that this book is extremely thorough, touching on Trump, Le Pen, and many different countries including Europe and America. If you want to read an extremely detailed analysis of why the public opinion is turning on immigrants in countries around the world, this would be a good book to start with.

Everything Everything, Nicola Yoon

Madeline is seventeen, and basically allergic to everything. She's never been out, she lives in a sterile environment and has no friends. Then one day, a boy moves in next door, and they become friends. And her life changes.

I loved this book, so so so much! I know lots of people have criticisms of some slight plot holes or strange behaviour on the part of the main character. But I just found it such an engrossing read that none of that mattered. It just sweeps you up, and next thing you know you've read it in a day. This has also been made into a film, which was out at the cinema this year and so I'm pretty sure will be out on DVD soon.

Goodbye Vitamin, Rachel Khong

This is a short but incredibly sweet and involving novel about a woman who moves back home to help out with her parents after her father is diagnosed with dementia. This was a bittersweet read for me, as whilst it was really funny in parts, I do have someone in my family suffering with dementia. I think if you also have this, it would be worth making sure you're in the right frame of mind before you read it. It's not a sad ending though, don't worry. Like I said, a bittersweet novel, and laugh out loud at times.

How To Murder Your Life, Cat Marnell

This is a memoir by Cat Marnell which details her life as a magazine beauty editor whilst battling drug addiction. Whilst it's hard not be exasperated by some of her actions at times, you also see through her writing that she is talented and really end up rooting for her- or at least I did. I also loved all the behind the scenes looks at what working on a beauty desk is like- having bags of high end makeup just lying around sounds amazing but probably the novelty wears off after a while. There are some really cringe-y and laugh out loud bits as well.

The Power, Naomi Alderman

Last by no means least, this is by far my favourite book of the year so far. In this book, women and girls all around the world develop something called a 'skein' which allows them to give an electric shock with just their hands, and so they can hurt and indeed kill with just a touch. The book is definitely largely a feminist one, which is amazing, but there's also sci-fi in there too. It's pretty much my version of an ideal book and I read it in about a day.

What have you been reading? Have you got a Goodreads reading challenge set?

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  1. That's a diverse selection! I think, for me, the most intriguing ones are Go Back To Where You Came From, and The Power. I really like seeing what other readers recommend, so thank you for this post. X

    Lisa |


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