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VOBeauty Box- August 2017 Review

VO Beauty Subscription Box August 2017

About the box
VOBEAUTY (which stands for Vegan and Organic Beauty) is a fairly new subscription which sends 5 travel or full sized vegan, organic and cruelty free products every month. You do not have to enter into any sort of rolling contract- you can simply prepay for each month that you want to receive a box.

£15.95/month, plus £3.95 P&P

What I got

Unique Creations Soap Company Unicorn Bath Bomb

The first item is adorable, but something very sad happened as I unwrapped it. This is the Unique Creations Soap Company Unicorn Bath Bomb (full size, £3.00) in the Baby Power scent. As I pulled the cellophane off, I tried to be careful but obviously my stupid fingers are clumsier than I thought as the poor things head fell off! Tragedy! Still, the scent is lovely. It's a shame that I don't have a bath, but my sister does so she will most likely take this off my hands.

Made by Coopers Apothecary Vanilla Rose Nourishing Bath Salts

Next was another bath product- the Made by Coopers Apothecary Vanilla Rose Nourishing Bath Salts (travel size, 100g, £5.00). I was a bit sad that there was another bath product but to be honest it's not really VO Beauty's fault as most people do have a bath and they can't change the box just for me! All that said, these have a lovely scent to them, and are handcrafted as well as being vegan and organic.

Freyaluna Sandalwood and Orange Herbal Hair Repair Oil

This is my favourite item in the box, as I have very long hair and the ends get very dry. Freyaluna Sandalwood & Orange Herbal Hair Repair Oil (full size, 30ml, £24.00) contains orange, sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oils, as well as argan oil, hemp oil and coconut oil to nourish hair. This can be rubbed into the ends of dry hair and doesn't need to be rinsed out.

Pura Cosmetics Perfect Pout Cocktail Inspired Lip Scrub

Pura Cosmetics Perfect Pout Cocktail Inspired Lip Scrub

This Pura Cosmetics Perfect Pout Cocktail Inspired Lip Scrub (full size, £4.50) is  Strawberry Daiquiri flavour, and it does smell like strawberries but also kind of like sherbet. It smells incredibly delicious, I wish it was edible! You may receive another scent- Mojito Madness, Pina Colada or Sex on the Beach. These scrubs are great if you like matte lipsticks, as that kind of lip product shows up every little bit of dry skin. Just rub on and rinse off.

Saturated Colour Locked Lips Lipstick Sealer

Saturated Colour Locked Lips Lipstick Sealer

The last item in the box was this Saturated Colour Locked Lips Lipstick Sealer (full size, £3.50). I've never actually tried a lipstick sealer before, but I'm glad there is actually a vegan version available. This is a clear coating to put on top of your lipstick that makes it last longer and prevent bleeding and feathering. I think this would be especially useful on hot days when your makeup starts to slide off your face!

Finally I received this adorable little pot of black sparkly glitter, which after photographing and uploading I realised wasn't actually part of this months info card. The adorable guys at VO Beauty HQ actually sent me a sweet little card in my box this month which made me smile so much (thank you!) so I don't know if everyone got this bonus or if that was part of it? Either way, it's surprisingly useful for a glitter product- it seems to have a soft base which means you could use it as part of a dark glittery eye look for a night out. I couldn't find it on the VO Beauty shop but whoever makes this, it's lovely stuff.

Final thoughts
VOBeauty are showing that they can consistently send a good range of products each month, as well as provide lovely customer service. They also seem to have a love of unicorn themed products which is really something I can get behind. If you want to buy your vegan subscription box from a company where you can support a smaller business whilst still receiving amazing customer care, VO Beauty should be right up your street.

If you would like to sign up to VOBeauty, try out a build your own box, or visit their shop, their link is here.


  1. I can never find a subscription box that appeals to me, as all the popular ones aren't cruelty free. This however, seems amazing! Thank you for sharing this! The bath bomb is the cutest!

    Amy, x

  2. Fabulous review thank you so much.
    Amy we do a build a box that may suit your needs. You don't need to subscribe and can purchase on a month to mo th basis.
    Have a great day.

    Lots of love
    The team at VOBEAUTY


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