Friday, 25 August 2017

Natura Siberica Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing- Review

* This product was sent to me free for the purpose of an honest and unbiased review*

About a month or so ago I saw a chance to review a sample of the Natura Siberica Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing, sent over by the lovely people at Nature's Dream. Obviously, when I found out it was a natural product containing activated charcoal I went for it!

Natura Siberica was founded in 2007, and all of it's products are natural, using Siberian plants, herbs and Pine Oil. The Activated Charcoal in the Northern Soap is made using coconut and nut shells, which are then heated to a powder (that's the char part), after which steam is used to activate it. This is how it becomes the oil absorbing, fantastic for cleansing product that we know and love in many of our skincare products today.

The packaging itself is lovely- a light plastic screw top little tub, which comes with a little information leaflet and a small black sponge. The product, on first sniff, smells just like marzipan to me! I was quite surprised how hard the soap was- I think I was expecting a soft sort of clay consistency. However, once you wet the sponge as directed, you can use it to scoop up some soap and spread it on your (dry) skin. Let it sit for a few seconds, then rinse off. It really feels incredibly luxurious, and leaves my skin feeling soft, nourished and free from oil and impurities.

The active ingredients in the soap:

  • Organic Altai Sea Buckthorn
  • Limonninik Nanai
  • Wild Harvested Siberian Pine Oil
  • Extracts of Bilberry
  • Organic Northern Cloudberry Extract
  • Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • Organic Dwarf Birch Bud
  • Organic Raspberry Oil
Overall, cleansing soap really impressed me, and I will keep using it for sure.

It's now available instore (from Monday 11th September) in M&S!

Buy it for £11.99/ from  Natura Siberica Online Shop   /    Amazon UK

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