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Little Known Box- August 2017 Review

Little Known Box August 2017

About the box
Little Known Box sends you around 5-6 products every month from brands that may be niche, independent or less known. This includes categories of items such as nails, hair, makeup, skincare, and more.

£14.95/month, plus £3.75 P&P

What I got

Friendly Soap Aloe Vera

Friendly Soap Aloe Vera

The first item was kind of underwhelming, this Friendly Soap in Aloe Vera scent (full size, 95g, £1.99). I mean, soap is good and everything, but it's not that exciting. The aloe vera is lovely and soothing for sore or dry skin, and this is also cruelty free, vegan friendly and handmade.

Maison Meunier Coffee Scrub

Another box, another coffee scrub! This time it's the Maison Meunier Radiance Coffee Scrub (travel size, 50g, £3.50). This is vegan, organic and ready to use for exfoliation and brightening. I have been sent so many coffee scrubs in boxes that this will probably go in my giveaway pile.

Cougar Beauty Eyeshadow

Cougar Beauty Eyeshadow

Cougar Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch

I am pleased about this item, the Cougar Beauty 6 Shades of Nude Eyeshadow (full size, £13.00). Honestly, I thought this was like a bronzer type product when I swatched it hence above I have blended all the colours together in one swatch! I'm not sure I'd use each individual line of product as eyeshadow as they're so narrow but they make a beautiful bronze shimmer colour when they're mixed.

Saturated Colour Lip Vinyl

Saturated Colour Lip Vinyl Swatch

This is Saturated Colour Lip Vinyl in Frisky Fuchsia (full size, £7.00). The colour is a lovely pinky red, although be warned it is quite sticky. The vinyl in the name is probably because it applies like a sticky plastic veneer if that makes sense? Like an incredibly dense, bold gloss. Saturated Colour are UK based, in Essex, and are also vegan and cruelty free.

MONU Spa Body Oil

Finally is this MONU Spa Relaxing Bali Body Oil (travel size, 30ml, approx £8.70). This body oil contains Rosewood and Sandalwood Essential oils, and smells really really good. I think this would be lovely on my legs where they get really dry. It's certainly eye watering in price but if you had money to burn I can see why you'd buy it, it's luxurious stuff.

Final thoughts
Though I wasn't keen on the coffee scrub personally and found the soap a bit unexciting, this was still a good all round selection and Little Known have lived up to their name and included some niche and specialist brands that you won't find on the high street. I'm impressed.

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