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Artemis & Xena Unicorn Summer Edition Box Review

Artemis + Xena Unicorn Summer Edition Box Contents

About the box
Artemis & Xena is a quartlery box service aimed at empowering women and supporting mental health awareness. Each box can be ordered for yourself or sent to someone else as a gift and contain gifts and items based around a theme that can be uplifting, empowering and above all, a lovely treat. I really love this concept.

£16.00 one off price for the box

What I got
When you checkout for this box you can select your choice of extra gift from a drop down list, as well as specify who the box is for and a gift message (if any). The box itself comes wrapped in the most adorable unicorn wrapping paper and sparkly washi tape- it's by far the cutest parcel I have got in ages and it brought a smile to my face.

Unicorn Tote Bag

The first thing that I saw when opening the box was this enormous Unicorn Tote Bag! It's adorable, and also really good quality and sturdy- it has a zip fastening, is made of pretty thick fabric, and even has a pocket inside! I will be taking this out when I go shopping, this will be a really cool shopping bag for sure.

Unicorn Friendship Bracelet

Unicorn Mood Ring

Next there was a little Unicorn Friendship Bracelet on pretty purple thread which can be tied to your wrist size, as well as a Unicorn Mood Ring. According to the colour code chart when I put it on I had 'mixed emotions' which was pretty accurate. I know they're just a bit of fun but they make me really nostalgic as I remember having mood rings as a kid and loving watching the colours change!

Hand of Fatima Choker

Personalised Bookmark

The Choker was the extra gift I selected at checkout- I'm really loving the choker trend at the moment in fashion, and I haven't got one of these stretchy elastic ones. This is another thing that makes me totally nostalgic for my childhood in the 90's! It's weird how these trends come back around again and again.

Next, I discovered a cute little kit for making my very own personalised metal bookmark- they actually included the correct letter beads for my name! I don't know if I actually assembled it correctly, but I'm happy with it!

Mini Unicorn Cards

Unicorn Colour In Postcards

Here we have some adorable Mini Cards, my favourite being the one printed with 'You may have stopped believing in unicorns, but they never stopped believing in you!'. These will be brilliant for my craft and decoration plans! Also, there is a little set of Colour in Postcards, which I think my niece and I will have a lot of fun colouring in together.

Handmade Unicorn Belgian Chocolate Lollipop

Unicorns Grace Incense Cones

This is one of my favourites items in the box- the Handmade Unicorn Belgian Chocolate Lollipop, with, of course, an adorable unicorn design on it. Below, we have a packet of twelve Unicorn's Grace Incense Cones. If you haven't come across incense cones before, they're basically little cones that you light and they burn down like incense sticks- just make sure you put them on a heatproof surface! They smell lovely, and of course they look like unicorn horns!

Awake Organics Aura Clean Deodorant

Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter

Fabric Unicorn Hair Ties

There were two beauty items in the box which obviously me being me I was pleased about- the Awake Organics Aura Clean Deodorant (travel size) which smells of lavender, my favourite scent. Also, the Prima Makeup Pressed Glitter in Rose Gold. I'm not that keen on pressed glitter, but I have a few friends who I think this would suit so this will go in my little giveaway bag, and I can certainly see how it goes with the unicorn theme. Finally, my top item in the box and I'm actually wearing one in my hair right now- Unicorn Hair Ties. These are fairly wide so are really good for my long thick hair- the thinner ones get tangled up, and I love the bright happy design.

Unicorn Gift Bag

Colour Coded Mood Tracker

Mindfulness Practice Sheet

Finally, a few more paper products- the Unicorn Gift Bag, which will be useful for some upcoming birthdays. In the vein of mental health there is a cute little mood tracker using colour coded stickers, and a mindfulness practice sheet which will be really good for me to try and practice. Added unicorns on the sheet is always a bonus.

Final thoughts
Wow- this one has blown me away! As you may know if you read my posts regularly, it's hard to please me when I've seen so many different subscription boxes, but this was just so fun and insanely packed with things considering the price. I am really excited for the next quarter's box to see what they come up with next.

The Unicorn Summer Edition Box is still in stock, available to buy here.

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  1. Wow, this looks like such an fantastic box of treats and what amazing value! I've never heard of Artemis & Xena but I will definitely check them out. Thank you for a great review!

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com


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