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The Pip Box- July 2017 Review

The Pip Box July 2017

About the box
The Pip Box is a beauty subscription that sends out only cruelty free products. You can choose from the regular box or vegan box, but both will be cruelty free. For every box they sell, The Pip Box donates 50p to an animal charity.

£14.99/month, plus £3.95 P&P

What I got

Balm Balm Rose Floral Water

First item this box was yet another variation on the rose face mist theme which I have seen so many times in subscription boxes recently- I'm starting to think this is a trend or something haha! This is the Balm Balm Rose Floral Water (travel size, 30ml, £7.50). The floral rose smell isn't too strong so I could see myself using this but as I have about a thousand rose sprays in my stash this may go to a friend or family member. Balm Balm products are 100% natural, leaping bunny certified (cruelty free!), and most (not all) are organic.

Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloth

The second product, and the second Balm Balm product, was this Balm Balm Organic Muslin Face Cloth (full size, £3). These are fantastic for cleansing, especially the soothing and relaxing joy that is a hot cloth cleanse. These are designed to be lightweight and dry quickly between uses.

Glisten Cosmetics Primer and Glitter

Glistens Cosmetics Primer and Glitter

Glisten Cosmetics Glitter Swatch

This was my least favourite product in the box, by far- the Glisten Cosmetics Primer & Glitter Pot (full size, £8.50). What you get is a soft gel like substance which you use to prime the skin where you want the glitter to stick, then you pop the glitter on top. I got rose gold but you could also receive silver. This stuff sticks to you really hard, and when I tried to wipe it off with cleanser it just sort of...spread. Everywhere. All over my hand, arm, clothes, everything. I definitely wouldn't put it on my face, not least because I'm not into glitter and don't go to festivals, but also because it would stick to me for the rest of my life!

PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Lip Crayon Pink

PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Lip Crayon Pink

This is another brand I'm seeing in lots of boxes lately- the PHB Ethical Beauty Organic Lip Crayon in Pink (full size, £8.95). Now I think about it, I may have received this exact item in another cruelty free box. I do wish these subscription boxes would look at other subscriptions and see what they're doing so they don't just repeat each other over and over ad infinitum. This is a soft, creamy crayon which will suit most medium pink lipsticks quite well, as well as being cruelty free and vegan friendly.

Chirp Pure Oil Blend Hair Mask

The final item is a larger version of an item I got in a previous box, the Chirp Body 100% Natural Hair Mask and my suspicions have been corrected- the one I got previously was completely liquid, and I thought that couldn't be right. This is much more solid, like a proper mask. It is a 100% natural oil blend, packed with nourishing fruit, seed and leaf oils, as well as being vegan, cruelty free and 'artisan crafted'. I'm hoping this will give me better results than the last one, which was basically juice!

Final thoughts
I have to admit, this wasn't as impressive as their June curation- quite a few repeats of both brands and actual items from previous boxes that I've received. While I get that they aren't responsible for other subscription's contents, I think brands should probably not saturate the subscription market with their products so much that box lovers like me end up receiving loads of the same thing.
I'm currently looking to diversify into other types of boxes other than beauty, so for now I'll be cancelling The Pip Box, but I'll be keeping a close eye on their unboxings as I still love what they stand for and think that their subscription is great value for money.

If you would like to subscribe to The Pip Box, you can find them here.

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  1. Great post. I'd never heard of Pip Box and while some of the treats look lovely (especially the muslin cloth), I do agree with you, lots of boxes seem to repeat items and/or share brands each month. I'm sure there are only so many samples that they can each choose from but sometimes they all seem to come at once. Thank you for sharing x

    Lisa |


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