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Which Beauty Box UK Summer Beauty Edit Review

Which Beauty Box UK Summer Beauty Edit

About the box
The Summer Beauty Edit is a one off box from the amazing lady behind the Which Beauty Box UK blog. I think this is a genius idea- really, who better than someone who blogs about beauty subscription boxes to actually create one, as they are bound to know what works and what doesn't.

£37.00 one off payment, inc. P&P. Shipping is to UK Mainland only excluding Northern Ireland.

What I got
Well, this box was a bit of a hefty one! I practically fell over when the courier handed it to me and I realised how heavy it was! But, as we know, this can only bode well for a subscription box (especially if you've signed up to gold bars monthly or bricks r us). So, want to see what I found inside?

Alphabet Bags Stay Wonderful Ombre Makeup Bag

The item at the very top of the box was this gorgeous Alphabet Bags Stay Wonderful Ombre Makeup Bag (full size, £22.00). This is an absolutely enormous canvas makeup bag in a pink ombre design with gold glitter lettering. This will be a lovely choice for carrying my handbag bits around this summer.

Bloomtown Botanicals The Hedgerow Organic Hand and Body Wash

A brand I've seen before in a box not along ago, and which I do love, this is the Bloomtown Botanicals The Hedgerow Organic Hand & Body Wash (full size, 300ml, £12.00). This is an organic blackberry and honeysuckle liquid hand and body wash which comes with a pump for easy dispensing. The soap is made with moisturising coconut extract and without synthetic detergents. I love multi purpose products like this and the scent is lovely and sweet.

PHB Ethical Beauty Skin Refresh Gel Seaweed and Mint

This product actually infused the makeup bag with it's minty scent, it's that strong (but I don't mind, I like mint!) This is the PHB Ethical Beauty Skin Refresh Gel with Seaweed & Mint (full size, 120ml, £13.75). This is a liquidy gel product made with seaweed and mint, it is also natural, organic and handmade. It is a soothing product which can be used on insect bites, tired feet and heat rash. I would probably use it on my foot as well, which I broke in January and still can get quite hot and painful when I overuse it. I love cooling products like this.

Make Feet Revive Lime Lemon and Lavender Foot Cream

Here we have the Make Feet Revive Lime, Lemon and Lavender Foot Cream (full size, 50ml, £12.00). This is another one which would be lovely for my poor sore foot. I thought at first that this was a strange sort of combination of things to combine but the scent is actually quite refreshing. It also contains apricot, avocado and beeswax.

PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Body Lotion

This is the PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Body Lotion (travel size, 50ml, £3.95). For a travel size this is a pretty good size. Though I don't use body lotions a lot, I do put them aside for when I get really dry skin on occasion, and I love the scent of this one- it contains neroli and ylang ylang, and is vegan, cruelty free and halal.

Gifts by Little Miss Popsicle Bath Fizzy

I thought this was edible at first (I always have food on the brain!) but it is actually the Gifts by Little Miss Popsicle Bath Fizzy (full size, £3.25). I don't have a bath, I actually have a tiny bathroom with a shower but I know of quite a few people who would love this little lolly fizzy.

AA Skincare Green Tea and Aloe Vera Cleansing Wipes

I've actually seen these wipes before, in a previous You Beauty Discovery box, and I was so pleased to see them back. I'm not normally happy about repeats in my boxes but these wipes were a real hit with me. These are the AA Skincare Green Tea & Aloe Vera Cleansing Wipes (full size, £3.30). These are soothing wipes suitable for all skin types, they are biodegradable, paraben free and Ph balanced. I find these so gentle on my skin, I get a lot of problems with acne and I don't like to use anything too harsh as contrary to popular belief this can actually make matters worse!

Saturated Colour Make Me Matte Lipstick Mattifier

This was an interesting one, I'd never heard of such a thing so was very intrigued. This is the Saturated Colour Make Me Matte Lipstick Mattifier (full size, £8.00). If you have a favourite lippie but you wish it was matte, just pop it on and then swipe this on over the top. Then as if by magic the formula will be transformed to matte! I am really intrigued by this and will definitely put it to good use as I much prefer matte lip products to shiny ones.

Danglefoot Nail Polish Atlantis

Danglefoot Nail Polish Atlantis

Nearly at the end now, and this is one of my absolute favourite items in the box- the Danglefoot Nail Polish in 'Atlantis' (full size, £6.50). This is an exclusive shade to this box, which is really cool! It's a lovely mermaidy blue with what looks like raindrops floating in it- it reminds me of the Illamasqua raindrops polish, but better. Better because this one only took one swipe to reach full coverage on my nail, and better because Danglefoot polishes are all 5-free and vegan friendly! I am definitely going to be using this. You can actually buy this as a separate purchase from the Which Beauty Box UK shop here.

Flamingo Candles Raspberry Sangria Candle Jar

This is the final item and another one I'm really thrilled by- the Raspberry Sangria Candle Jar by Flamingo Candles (jar candle, £3.50). This seems to be a custom candle for the box, and smells really sweet and summery. I love the palm print- very on trend, and I do love a candle in a jar!

Final thoughts
Blimey- that was a lot of stuff to pack into one single box! And can you tell I was blown away by it? What a curation! I was so pleased that it was so full of vegan friendly, cruelty free and ethical beauty products, and every single one fitted the summer theme perfectly. There was no filler here. I can't wait to see if there will be another box and what it will contain, I'm so intrigued!

If you would like to buy a Summer Beauty Edit box, they're still available to buy, the link is here.


  1. That ice lolly bath bomb is just the cutest! And I'd say you definitely got your money's worth in this box -- so glad you lucked out with your very first one from them!


  2. I'm amazed by the products you received; for that price this seems like an incredible box. All of these products sound great, but I'm incredibly intrigued by that product to turn my lipstick matte.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

  3. This looks so pretty, and I love the petals in the background! I'm not sure about the price though..

  4. Sounds like a lot of exciting products! The bath fizz is just so cute! Also love the pink ombre makeup bag although I definitely have wayyy too many makeup bags already! xo

  5. This box looks amazing! I find that with a lot of subscription boxes some of the products are a bit lack lustre and just thrown in but this seems to be a perfect blend of items. Thanks for sharing!

  6. What an amazing haul! I agree, who better to put together a box than a blogger!

    Britt |


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