Monday, 19 June 2017

So Susan Lip Love- June 2017 Review

So Susan Lip Love June 2017

About the bag
Every month you will receive a bag filled with beauty items from the brand So Susan (typically 3-5 items). Sometimes these items will be So Susan's other brands, Jelly Pong Pong and Trifle Cosmetics. This bag is sent from the U.S.A. Everything So Susan and it's other brands sell is cruelty free!

$20.95 per month (approx £16.20) with free shipping worldwide. You can buy a one off bag for $45.00 (approx £34.79).

What I got

So Susan Lip Love Makeup Bag

Okay so the first thing I saw this month was really strange which was the makeup bag itself which you always get and which this month has a glaring grammatical error. It says "Well behave women rarely make history' but it should say 'Well behaved women rarely make history'. It's a small thing but it's still annoying!

Han Skin Care Cosmetics 100% Natural Eyeshadow Taupey Plum

Han Skin Care Cosmetics 100% Natural Eyeshadow Taupey Plum Swatch

The first item I pulled out of the bag was this Han Skin Care Cosmetics 100% Natural Eyeshadow in Taupey Plum (Full size, 3g, $13.00/approx. £10.18). Han Skin Care Cosmetics is a natural brand and this eyeshadow is talc free and instead made with rice powder. It also contains superfruits, vitamins and plant pigments. It's not a super inspiring shade on it's own but I can see how it could be used with other colours to make a smokey eye look.

Trifle Cosmetics Atlantis Cookie Prismatic Highlighter

Trifle Cosmetics Atlantis Cookie Prismatic Highlighter Swatch

This is the Trifle Cosmetics Atlantis Cookie Prismatic Highlighter (full size, $24.00/approx. £18.79). It's supposedly in the shade Pink Galaxy but the actual container inside the box has a highlighter which is more yellow/golden. I don't know if there are two shades- there seem to be two different photos on the website of a pink one and a golden one. I'm really confused to be honest, and I would have preferred a pink one, but oh well. It's quite a nice highlighter although not outstanding compared to any I have already. It is vegan/cruelty free and contains sesame seed oil and star fruit extract.

So Susan Shadow Barricade

So Susan Shadow Barricade Swatch

The third item was this So Susan Shadow Barricade (full size $24.00/approx £18.79). This is an anti-crease eyeshadow primer, and it comes out in a creamy, yellowish sort of formula. It contains resveratrol and gotu kola extract and as always is vegan and cruelty free.

Jelly Pong Pong Jelly Puff

Jelly Pong Pong Jelly Puff

The last item is a product that is becoming familiar to people on Instagram and Twitter I think, this is the Jelly Pong Pong Jelly Puff (full size, $8.99/approx. £7.04). This one has the quote "I am not a shopaholic, I am helping the economy' which made me smile. I am still not decided on whether I think these silicone/jelly makeup sponges are a fad or a cool thing yet so watch this space for a review.

Final thoughts
I think you can probably tell this wasn't one of my favourite So Susan bags ever, but I am hopeful that next month things will get back to normal as it is a rare month that So Susan aren't on top form. I will have to find some use for the makeup bag but it won't be as my main bag because that printing error is just awkward!


  1. Never heard of this brand! Will definetly be looking into them!

    Lizz x

  2. I've never heard of So Susan, so was really interested reading your post! I totally get what you mean, I'd be very annoyed with that grammatical error on the bag too! I think the silicone/jelly sponge is definitely my favourite, it looks super cute and I love the quote! I'm definitely going to look into this brand a bit more. It's a shame you were a little disappointed though (and I can understand why!), so hopefully the next one is better!

    Charlotte xx

  3. I hope you like next month's bag better, and I also hope that it doesn't have any grammatical errors! That would drive me batty. But on the bright side, it's all vegan and cruelty-free, which is a lovely thing to find in a subscription service!


  4. That eyeshadow is stunning! Shame about some of the errors though, otherwise a really nice box xx


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