Thursday, 8 June 2017

Pink Parcel- June 2017 Review

About the box
Pink Parcel is a monthly box that sends you your period essentials (pads & tampons, or just one of either, depending on your preferences), as well as a pretty generous selection of cheery uppy stuff, like snacks, beauty items and lifestyle bits.

Your first box is £6.99 and after that it is £10.50 a month (incl P&P)

What I got
I was really excited about this months box after the amazing selection they sent last month. After looking through to check I had all my usual period essentials present and correct - I did- I got on to the best bit- looking through the goodie box!

The first item out of the box was the Figs & Rouge 3 In 1 Hero Cream (full size, 80ml, £18.00). At first I though this was something to do with Harry Potter because of the decoration on the tin- it seems a bit Harry Pottery, don't you think? Maybe it's just me! This tin really reminds me of the cult classic Steamcream tins. This cream is full of Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamins A, C and E, which means if you have dry skin crying out for a break, this is an excellent treat for it. I wouldn't use this on my face as I have oily acne prone skin but my hands, arms and feet for sure!

This is the Spa To You Konjac Sponge (full size, 1 sponge, £7.99). These are an absolute fave in the blogger world, but maybe not so much with me. You may or may not know from reading my blog, but I am autistic and one thing I really struggle with is touching wet, slimy/slippery textures, which definitely describes this sponge when wet! I had to hold it by the string. I don't think I could put it anywhere near my face, partly because I won't hold it. It's a shame as they're wonderful natural cleansers, and they gently exfoliate as you go as well. They naturally dry on their own and then turn back into a cleansing puff again when you wet them. I think my mum will enjoy this so I'll see if she fancies a go with it.

Next in the facial skincare category there is the Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (sample size, 50ml, worth approx. £6.40). I see these Balance Me products in subscription boxes a lot, so they can get a bit tiring and samey. I can see why they added it though, as it will make a great accompaniment to the konjac sponge. It has a 98.8% natural formula, and contains grapefruit oil, frankincense oil and spruce knot extract which call work for cleansing and reducing blemishes.

Moving on to hair, this is the Anatomicals Deep Conditioning Hair Pack (full size, 15ml sachet, £1.50). This is a conditioning pack containing jojoba seed oil, and is cruelty and paraben free. This will go to good use in my house as I have always got a battle on my hands fighting frizz.

Nearly there! Moving to the makeup side of things is this curious object- the Stylondon Siligel Blender (full size, one blender, £6.99). I've heard all about these on blogs, Twitter, Instagram and in magazines. It's meant to be like using your finger to blend, but then that kind of begs the question why you don't just use your fingers? Hygiene, maybe? It kind of feels like, for want of a better description, one of those 'chicken fillets' that people use to fill out their bras! I am intrigued by this and will definitely give it a go although I do wonder if it'll end up just moving my foundation around rather than blending it.

The final makeup item is the Benecos Lip Liner in Pink (full size pencil, £3.95). This is a lovely colour and I do think, casting my mind over my collection of lipsticks in my head, that i have something that may match it. It goes on like butter and is cruelty free which is excellent.

Finally there is the usually tea and snack, this time we have The London Tea Company Purple Tea (£3.00 for 20 bags) which is a hibiscus blend, and Rawcha Organic Matcha Bar Cacao & Almond (£7.49 for 4 30g bags,, which is a kind of fancy healthy chocolate bar. Blended with healthy matcha, it is packed with antioxidants.

Final thoughts

While this box wasn't the absolute amazing feat of genius that I thought last months was, I still really enjoyed it and will use all but one (icky feeling sponge) in the box. And I'm probably in the minority there, as most people seem to go crazy for those dinky natural sponges. I will never stop singing the praises of Pink Parcel as a great value subscription box.

If you would like to sign up to Pink Parcel, their link is here.


  1. This sounds like a great box! Also I've been intrigued by the silicone blender too so will be interesting to see how you get on with it :)!

    L xo

  2. This is such a great idea! And I totally get what you mean, I'm really getting Harry Potter vibes from that cream tin! The lip liner is a gorgeous colour, and I'd love to know what the silicon sponge is like! And I'm glad to see they put some chocolate-y in there!xx

  3. I think that £6.99 for a first box is pretty good value! I'm intrigued to hear what you think of the silicone sponge, I've seen them all over social media! I definitely need to give Pink Parcel a look! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey ❤

  4. That's a fabulous price for a subscription box! Also, lots of lovely things included for that time of the month that we all dread! The blender looks interesting - I'd love to try that & see what the hype is all about!

    Charlene McElhinney

  5. This sounds awesome! For me personally I would have loved something maybe a bit more sugary... did the purple flowers come with it? They make your photos loo really cool-

    1. I actually bought them in a local craft shop! I was inspired when I saw them!

  6. This box seems absolutely lovely, holy moly. I'm so sorry you could't get to enjoy the Konjac sponge properly because it's lovely to use (but I completely get it.). The face wash and the deep conditioning pack look really interesting to me and also the tea.

    I'm going to check out this box because of this post. Thank you for this post, lovely. ♡

    ♡ mchitealatte! | mchiblogs* / mchitalks


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