Saturday, 17 June 2017

Friction Free Shaving- Review

Friction Free Shaving Review

About the box
Friction Free Shaving is a women's razor subscription which sends out new razor blade refills (and a handle on your first month) every month in a handy package. You can also choose to add shaving cream too, if you want it.

'Frankie' 3 blade head: £5/month, inc. P&P
'Samantha' 5 blade head: £8/month, inc. P&P

Shaving cream is an additional £6/month.

What I got

Friction Free Shaving Subscription Box

To trial the box I went with the 'Frankie' 3 blade head. In the box you receive a handle and then four razor refills, one for each week of your subscription month. The idea is that you're meant to dispose of and start a new one every week to keep things fresh and hygienic. I'm not exactly a shave my legs every night kind of girl so I can't really see the benefit in me chucking one away every week, in fact it would be downright wasteful. But if you are someone who shaves their legs, etc, every day then this does seem sensible. A blunt and clogged up razor will attract bacteria and when you inevitably nick yourself with it, it's not gonna be pretty.

I love that the box fitted through my letterbox easily- I'm not sure how easy this would be if you opted for the shaving cream though. The refills come in little protective pieces of plastic so you don't cut yourself opening up the package which was really helpful.

Friction Free Shaving Razor

Putting the razor together is easy- just slot the handle into the opening of the refill and then pull it out of it's plastic case. Then you're ready to go. They are really incredibly sharp and leave completely smooth skin behind. I wouldn't say they're on par in terms of quality with the current reusables you can buy on the high street but they're definitely far above disposables. I would say they're like a mid range and for about £1.25 per week that's pretty good.

Final thoughts
Being an irregular shaver (make of that what you will) I probably wouldn't subscribe to this month after month but rather dip in and out as the need arises. They're definitely lovely sharp razors that do the job with minimal fuss. If you're looking for a bit more premium try the next step up, the 'Samantha' razor.

If you would like to sign up to Friction Free Shaving their link is here. To save 30% off your first months subscription (so essentially get the 'Frankie' box above for £3.50), you can use my referral code P1E5A6.



  1. I'm definitely the same with shaving and can't be bothered to do my legs very often so getting through a new head every week would be a waste for me too x

  2. I love this!! he packaging is so cute too! im with you on not being a regular shaver (Who has time for that seriously?!) really enjoyed this post and i may even look into getting one!

  3. Ah this is a cool idea, haven't seen one of kind of subscription boxes before. Will definitely have to look into this as I'm always on the hunt for new shaving sticks.
    With Love Yossy x

  4. So interesting- I'd never thought of shaving subscription boxes. I'm a regular shaver so this seems super helpful!

  5. Thos sounds really intresting! I hate shaving sometimes so this sounds really good and I looooovve subscription boxes!

    Jordanne ||

  6. This is completely random but I was just wondering if there was a blade service for us ladies. I've only ever heard of the ones for men. This is great news!!

  7. Why didn't I think of this aha!!! My hair grows so quick, my legs are prickly after 24hrs :( I use Venus razors at the moment and find it is so expensive - I do end up using them longer than I probably should xx


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