Monday, 29 May 2017

Stationery Subscription Boxes

Welcome back to another edition of my ongoing series of subscription lists, and this time I'm covering stationery boxes. Now I know there are some mixed boxes out there, such as things like Boxcitement that contain stationery and then other things like jewellery and homeware, so this time I'm focusing on boxes that are purely stationery only. I've tried to include as many as possible but I didn't want to create an overwhelmingly large post so if I've missed any out you think are amazing, do let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear more!

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#1 Papergang by Oh Deer

Papergang is brought to you by the guys at Ohh Deer, that amazing website full of fun cards, stationery bits and homeware that we all know and love. Each month you will receive a selection of things such as cards, notebooks, paper products, desk accessories, and most products will be exclusive to the box before they hit the main Ohh Deer website. Every month there is a theme, for example this month (May 2017) it is bees! Every month the products will be designed by one particular artist, so everything will follow the theme well.

Price: £9.95/month, plus £1.95 P&P

#2 Spotlight Stationery

Spotlight Stationery boxes can be monthly or every other month. These boxes seem very grown up and suitable as gifts! You won't know what you get until the box arrives, and luckily it won't be delayed as the boxes are slim size and will fit through most standard letterboxes. They dispatch worldwide for additional charges and offer a money back guarantee.

Price: £25/month, plus £2 P&P

#3 Ink Drops

Ink Drops is for people who still love writing handwritten correspondence, which is a dying practice in this day and age! You will receive things like notelets, cards, and paper to make your letters really stand out. Your box will be a surprise every month, and you can cancel any time.

Price: £15.45, inc. P&P

#4 #PaperHaul by Crafty Creatives

Crafty Creatives does several different craft and creative subscriptions, hence the name I suppose. Their stationery box is perfect if you love your paper goods! There isn't a lot more info on what you get in your box but there is currently a discount code on their sign up page so it may be worth a go if you're looking for a reasonably priced box to dip your toe into.

Price: £10/month, plus £2 P&P

#5 YooHoo Mail

Here is a box I have actually reviewed on the blog- read the review here. You don't actually sign up for a rolling subscription, although you can buy a 3 month subscription at once if you want. Usually you just buy each month as a one off purchase each month when it is released, via the YooHoo shop website. You will receive things such as prints, cards, notecards, gift tags, place cards, and more.

Price: £10, inc. P&P

#6 HoneyTreePost

Another subscription that will probably fit through your letterbox, Honeytree Post send notelets, cards, prints, labels and other exciting stationery things. Each month will fit around a theme, and a extra free new member post box worth £12 will be sent to every reader worth £12! They also have a subscription for young stationery fans.

Price: £15/month, inc. P&P

#7 Happy Paper Club by The Green Gables

With this book you get paper goods, inspirational messages, and as a member you get a discount on everything at the shop at The Green Gables website. You can sign up as a monthly member or pay a little extra for a one off taster box. The Green Gables donates 10% of annual profits to charities.

Price: £10/month, inc. P&P

#8 Busy Bee Stationery

This is a box for my international readers, with USA shipping free. They ship worldwide too! They send items for helping you with writing your journal, taking notes, and writing letters. So expect lots of lovely paper bits.

Price: $39.90/month, inc. P&P for USA residents. $7.50 for Canada and $12.50 for anywhere else.

Have you tried any of the subscriptions on the list, or do you have one to tell me about that isn't here? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. It's moments like these that I'm reminded I have to become a millionaire so I can get myself ALL the subscription boxes. I think my favorite one would be the Ink Drops box, I just love handwritten letters and sending them in fancy envelopes.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  2. I d love subscription boxes; coming home to post makes me so happy! But there's just so so so many to choose from; what would you suggest for me?

    1. It depends what you're after, but if you're talking stationery I'd say YooHoo or PaperHaul are the ones to try first in my opinion! :D

  3. A brilliant round-up of stationery subscription boxes!

    I had the Spotlight Stationery one for a few months last year. Another I would recommend is the Pocket Notebooks one (if notebooks are you thing!).

    I might try out a couple more of these. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  4. I didn't even know stationery sub boxes existed! but they sound great - like how you put a good range of brands and prices so there's something for everyone! I am going to check out the ohh deer one for sure as I love their stuff. Thanks for sharing xo


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