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Pink Parcel- May 2017 Review

About the box
Pink Parcel is a monthly box that sends you your period essentials (pads & tampons, or just one of either, depending on your preferences), as well as a pretty generous selection of cheery uppy stuff, like snacks, beauty items and lifestyle bits.

Your first box is £6.99 and after that it is £10.50 a month (incl P&P)

What I got
Can I just get this out there now- I love Pink Parcel! I can't believe how much they pack in to their boxes, and the little touches are so cool.

Even your discount coupons are sent in their own little sealed envelope. I don't know why I think that's so cool. I guess I'm just a bit sad and I like opening things that feel like post?

They send your period bits in separate bags and boxes- the bag is meant to be for popping in your handbag or somewhere handy. The boxes are for having around the house. The night box contains some night specific pads usually, depending on your preferences.

I like that they think of everything- tampons, pads and panty liners. You can opt out of tampons of course, in which case they just send you more pads. It's really very generous and I rarely go through everything they send, although I do come close as I have fairly hideous periods (tmi sorry).

Now for the best bit!

First up is the Scrub Love Coconut Affair Invigorating Coffee Body Scrub (sample size, worth approx. £3.50?). I'm not that keen on coffee scrubs usually but this one is meant to be coconuty and suitable for oily skin so it's really good for me as I love coconut and I have very oily skin (gross). It's 100% natural, contains coconut oil babaoab oil (don't ask me to pronounce that), coffee, coconut flakes, coconut milk powder and coconut sugar. It smells good enough to eat though I promise I won't!

Next is the Ace Tea Hot Ginger Green Tea (sample, one tea bag). I drink herbal teas when I'm in the mood, and I do like ginger things when my tummy feels iffy, so I'll stick this by the kettle ready. I love the design of the packaging, very pretty.

These are the Rhythm 108 Ooh La La Lemon & Ginger Tea Biscuits (sample size, 2 biscuits). These have clearly been picked to go with the tea, but I may save them for a car journey where I'm feeling a bit sick and nibble on them. My nanny always said when I was little to nibble on something ginger if I'm car sick.

The final snack item is the Willies Cacao Milk of the Gods Milk Chocolate (sample size, 26g bar). I'm not going to lie, this won't last long. I'm a sucker for fancy milk chocolate.

Next is the Bic Miss Soleil Razor (sample size, 1 razor). I don't use disposable razors very much, they tend to end up with me looking like someones tried to attack my legs. This razor has a Vitamin E strip for a smooth shave and supposedly the pinkness of it is meant to look pretty in your bathroom (vom). Putting aside the patronising sexism of the pinkified packaging and 'Miss' branding, I will probably use this when I'm desperate but I wouldn't buy them.

Moving on, we have the Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in 'Kiss Kiss Darling' (full size, $15/approx £12). Well I'm not sure about the brand name, but the colour is beautiful. I'm not big on painting my finger nails but I might save this for if we ever get a hot day this summer and I want to wear sandals, I think it would be a nice toenail colour.

Almost there! Second to last, this is the Mount Purious Rosewater Facial Toner (sample size 10ml, worth approx £1.09). I'm not that keen on rose scents but unlike the Jurlique one I tested last month this one isn't too strong, so I will actually keep this for a hot day when my face is all gross. This is meant to instantly refresh your skin and tighten pores. It is certified organic and the highest quality rosewater in Europe.

Lastly, my absolute favourite without a doubt, is the Flawless Brushes Blusher Brush (full size brush, £9.99). This brush is eco-friendly, cruelty free and vegan. I absolutely love this brush- the wooden handle, the soft brush fibres, the cruelty free aspect. I will be popping this in my collection right away. So reasonable in price as well.

Final thoughts
I think you can probably tell, I love this box. It's such good value, it puts all the other monthly period essentials boxes in the shade by far. Please never change, Pink Parcel. Although, maybe less twee pink razors next time? :)

If you would like to sign up to Pink Parcel their link is here (not an affiliate or referral link).

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* I am not great at maths so the prices I gave for the sample sizes may not be completely accurate! Take them with a small pinch of salt. They're more like a rough guide. Thank my secondary school maths teacher! :P


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  1. This is the first time I'm hearing about this Pink parcel subscription box! I like what you got inside of it :) Please let us know how you get along with the bodyscrub! xx


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