Sunday, 21 May 2017

Lollipop Box Club- May 2017 Review

About the box
Lollipop Box is really unique, and one of my favourite boxes out there. Every month you receive crafty bits, stationery, paper products, planner pages, stickers, little treats and more! There is a theme to every month which is revealed in advance although all of the contents is not revealed. It fits through your letterbox in a dinky little box but contains a surprising amount of things.

£16/month, inc. P&P (£5.50 shipping outside the UK)

What I got

This is going to go down in history in my house as one of my favourite Lollipop Boxes ever. I think it was the sight of this little guy when I opened the box that really made it for me:

He's a little ice lolly clip, and I love him so much!

Here he is doing a little dance. Yes, I went to the effort of making a gif of that for you. I don't know why. Isn't he lovely?!

Next was a tiny bag full of little pearlescent beads, hearts, stars, flowers and even a tiny chocolate bar, along with some lollipop themed pink ribbon. These will be very useful for decorating in crafts as well as blog photography.

Then there was the first craft activity- this is to make some little ice lolly magnets, with the all the bits of felt needed, as well as tiny magnets and the template. If you need any more lolly sticks I don't think it will be a hardship to eat some to get extra sticks, especially with the warm weather coming soon.

Next there was a plastic starbust stencil, which will be really useful for cards. Also, a rubber star stamp, which again will be great for cardmaking. I love making homemade cards for friends and family and star themed things are always a hit. If you want to see the stamp in action, well I've really provided for you guys today, as you can see below!

Delving into the bottom of the box I found the usual bunch of paper bits and planner pages, which I love and always put to good use. There are planner pages for the month ahead, June, as well as planner stickers, list pages, and square cardstock which will be good for crafty sessions. I'm thinking of making some paper confetti out of some of those brightly coloured pieces of card.

The second craft activity in the box is to make a 'shaker card', which you can attach inside your planner if you want to (I might hang it onto my peg line as a pretty decoration). You put the ice cream card, which is adorable don't you think, in the provided cellophane envelope, along with these beautiful sequins. Then you have a lovely sparkly shaker card!

There were also these little Instagram/Polaroid size photo borders (I think that's what you'd call them?) I often use them for scrapbooking with little photo snaps, but I've not decided yet.

Finally, there were some bits and pieces floating around to round the box out. The cake and tassel key ring is a lovely little present as Lollipop Box Club is actually celebrating their 2nd birthday this month! I will be sticking it on my keys right away. There was some bright washi tape, a lovely yellow and blue pen, and of course the famous lollipop.

Final thoughts
I absolutely loved this month- I mean, I always love this box, but this made me smile extra this time. I can be a bit slow on the uptake (I have autism, but I try my best), but I finally realised after picking up the millionth lollipop themed item from the box that they'd gone back to lolly basics for their birthday box. Doh! I am silly! I really can't wait for next month- the theme for June is 'Go Your Own Way', which instantly made me start singing that song in my head with the same line in it! Well done Lollipop Box Club, this month was a hit.

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