Monday, 22 May 2017

Little Known Box- May 2017 Review

About the box
Little Known Box sends you around 5-6 products every month from brands that may be niche, independent or less known. This includes categories of items such as nails, hair, makeup, skincare, and more.

£14.95/month, plus £3.75 P&P

What I got
I spotted a discount code for signing up to this box so jumped on it straight away as I had been eyeing up this subscription for a while and boy am I pleased I did.

I received a little thank you card for joining, along with two little thank you gifts as well, which I will detail below. I assume everyone gets these so this is a really lovely touch!

The first item I pulled out was this huge pack of Seacret Spa Makeup Remover Wipes (full size, 25 wipes, £19.95). Well besides the whopping price tag, these wipes are a bit different to any I've tried before- they're oil based. They're hydrating and soothing, and effectively remove waterproof makeup. I gave them a go and they are quite luxurious and soft, but I don't think I'd pay £19.95 for them.

Next up is an item I've wanted to try for a while as I've seen a few of my very favourite bloggers talking about them on Instagram- this is the Spacemasks Interstellar Relaxation Mask (sample size of one mask, worth £3.00). This is a soothing, relaxing eye mask, a little like the ones you put on in an aeroplane to block out the light. Iron filings work to self heat the mask, along with jasmine for a chill out scent. This is something I can't wait to try, and if it works I'd definitely consider buying more. I get frequent migraines and tension headaches, so soothing eye masks are my thing.

This is the Nanshy Large Blending Brush (full size, £5.95), and I'm really pleased to see it in the box. I don't have many eyeshadow brushes and I have heard good thinga about Nanshy brushes. Nanshy synthetic brushes are 100% vegan, cruelty free and PETA approved, as well as having antibacterial bristles. I am always on the lookout for cruelty free brush brands so this is a great addition.

Now for a skincare item, this is the Betty Hula Body Moisturiser (full size, 120ml, £12.99). This is an extremely thick moisturiser, more like a body butter than a cream in my opinion, although if you warm it up between your hands it will soften. It is handmade, and contains shea butter, along with beautiful scents of rum, blackcurrant, champagne and spice. The pot it comes in is made of glass with a plastic lid, which makes it feel very weighty and premium. It is suitable for dry skin, scars, stretchmarks and soothing sunburn, as well as combination and oily skin.

Here we have the Oils Of Heaven Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil (sample/travel size, 15ml, worth £9.50). This is meant to be used on your face but since I suffer with acne and fairly oily skin I probably wouldn't use this on this area. It says on the bottle that you can use it on stretchmarks so I may use it on my legs. This is made with organic argan oil which contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are excellent for nourishing your skin.

This is the last main item in the box, and without a doubt my favourite, the Technic Cosmetics Highlighter in 'Pink Sparkle' (full size, £3.49). When you open the lid this is absolutely dazzling, although when swatched it is, thankfully, very slightly calmer! You will only need a light hand when using this, unless you're going out as a unicorn princess today, in which case, go you! This is a brand new launch to Technic Cosmetics, so I was really pleased to see this and I do love bright highlighters, so I will be playing around with this for sure.

There was a 'bonus' item, this Makeup Pouch (full size, by Little Known Box, £4.49). I have about a thousand (okay maybe not a thousand) different makeup bags and pouches, so I probably won't need or use this, but I will most likely have a friend or family member who will take this off my hands. It's ideal for a little travel size makeup kit.

Finally, they includes some lovely welcome gifts. First there was the HJ Manicure 5 Free Nail Polish in 'Candy Pink' (full size, £9.50). This will be a lovely summer colour for my toes. Then there was a little sample of nugg Flaxseed & Peppermint Oil Revitalising Facemask.

Final thoughts
What an amazing first box for me to try from Little Known Box! Even without the welcome gifts, this was jam packed. I will definitely enjoy using the brush and highlighter most. I love that they include cruelty free and niche brands, this box is so up my street.

If you want to sign up to Little Known Box too, click here. You can use the code NEW10 to get 10% off any first order.


  1. That spacemask looks SO cool. I definitely want to give that a go! And that nail polish color is absolutely adorable. Love these posts xx

    Amber ||

  2. I never used to be mad on pink highlighters, but I'm really starting to convert! I've seen those spacemasks everywhere too, they look so good!

  3. Those spacemasks look and sound so amazing, I'll need to give them a go! That nail polish is such a beautiful colour as well, perfect for summer!
    Claire xo


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