Saturday, 27 May 2017

Lip Monthly Subscription- May 2017 Review

About the box
Lip Monthly is a USA based subscription that sends 4-5 lip products every month, some of which you can customise in advance. The products are always full sized, no sample sizes here!

$12.95/month (approx. £10.11), plus $3.99 (approx £3.11) P&P to the UK (shipping is free within the US)

What I got
I was really nervous when I subscribed to this as the only other US based subscription I've had before is So Susan. I wasn't sure how long it would take or if it would have added customs charges. I needn't have worried though. It took about the same amount of time as the So Susan bag to arrive- a week- and was slim enough in it's little jiffy bag to fit through my letterbox. There were no extra charges at customs.

I gather that there is a different little bag each month, and this months is the very summery yellow daisy. I actually really like it as it matches my blog logo quite well as well! This may well be my new favourite little makeup pouch.

The first item I pulled out was the City Color Dual Lip Wand in Mauve ($4.00, approx. £3.12). This is a double ended lip product- one side is a gloss with doe foot applicator, the other side is a lipstick. The gloss is kind of watery and sticky so I'm not sure if I'd use that end but I really like the lipstick, it's quite creamy and very everyday and wearable. This product is cruelty free, which is great.

This next product kind of confused me, as this is a lip product subscription and this is an eyeshadow. It's the Luna Eyeshadow Crayon in Gemini ($24.00, approx. £18.74). It's essentially a twist up eyeshadow crayon in a plastic tube, in a sort of antique gold shade. I don't really use eyeshadow crayons- if I want to use eyeshadow I prefer to use a brush and palette. I can't find this product online so I can't verify their valuation of the product, but either way I definitely wouldn't pay nearly £20 for this.

Next is the Starlooks Ultra Luxe Longwear Lip Pencil in Sublime ($19.00, approx. £14.83). I have never really got the hang of lip pencils but that's probably because I haven't had enough of them to practice it properly. This one is quite a nice neutral colour so I will be able to use it. It goes on very smooth and easily so won't be too tricky I don't think.

Finally is this extremely bright Bang Beauty Gloss in Rosie ($18.00, approx. £14.05). It's a really bright pink, the photo actually tones it down somewhat so imagine it much brighter! It's a very smooth formulation and not too sticky so in another colour I might like it but this is definitely not a me colour. I couldn't find anything about this product online either which was annoying.

Final thoughts
As you've probably guessed, I wasn't that impressed by this subscription. I was really excited about the idea of a lip product only affair, but then I found an eyeshadow crayon in my bag, of all things! Added to that the lack of information on the included info card, the dubious shades and the fact that it's a US subscription so takes a while to come and has extra shipping fees- well, I decided this sub probably isn't for me. It was worth a go though! I will probably still use at least two of the products and the little pouch, so it wasn't a complete non-starter.

Have you tried Lip Monthly before? Would you want a subscription that concentrated on only one type of beauty product?


  1. Such a shame that this subscription didn't float your boat! I must admit that when I saw your swatch of the gloss that I didn't think I'd wear it either, sticky products aren't for me! Thanks for sharing honest thoughts!

    Abbey 💕

  2. This looks like an interesting box. There are so many different boxes out there, it is always so hard to choose. you never know what to expect! xx corinne

  3. Thanks for trying it so we don't make the same mistake! At least you found a few things to use and keep :D xx

    Sophia x

  4. Ugh, an eyeshadow crayon in a lip box?!? That's ludicrous! Way to make America look bad, Lip Monthly! At least you didn't get dinged by any customs charges, though.


  5. I've never been too impressed with Lip Monthly and I can totally see it being too pricy with shipping cost to UK. They usually don't have that great of brands.

  6. Ummm, actually, Lip Monthly includes a non-lip product almost every month. It is called a Monthly Mix-Up (MMU).


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