Monday, 22 May 2017

Cat Subscription Boxes

Okay, I'm really sorry, this is not a post about subscriptions where you have kittens delivered to your door. I wish! No, this is a post about the subscription boxes that have sprung up to serve the needs of the very important pets living in your household- your cats.

I have included both UK boxes and boxes from overseas, and there are quite a few, so let's get going!

#1 Pet Nature Box

Country: UK

Price: £18.00/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
Pet Nature Box started as an independent pet and pet health shop, and now they offer subscriptions. The cat box includes treats and toys, and they also have an online store with pet themed items. They do dog subscription boxes too, if you don't want your puppy to feel left out!

#2 PurrBoxes

Country: UK

Price: £9.95/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
PurrBoxes say they were the first cat subscription box in the UK, and each months box contains at least four items including toys, treats, a months worth of catnip and cat grass. The boxes are slim enough to fit through most letterboxes so hopefully the postie doesn't need to leave a calling card!

#3 KitNip Box

Country: USA, but ships elsewhere (see below)

Price: $19.99/month (approx. £15.33/month), plus $7.95 (approx. £6.10) P&P if sending to Europe.

About the box:
KitNip Box is based in the USA but they also ship to Canada, Europe, Mexico and Australia. They do a box for multi cat households for an extra $10, so if you have more than one cat they needn't fight over the goodies! They donate a portion of their proceeds to animal welfare charities worldwide, including The Paw Project, San Francisco SPCA, and Brooklyn Animal Action. Each box contains toys, treats, accessories, hygiene items, health products and even cat related gadgets.

#4 Paw Post

Country: UK

Price: £22.95/month, plus £1.95 P&P

About the box:
Paw Post is another UK based box, and like others it also caters for your doggy friends too. They focus on eco friendly and natural products, treats and toys. You might find you get products in your box before they hit the shops as well!

#5 Purrfect Box

Country: UK

Price: £19.90/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
The Purrfect Box contains interactive and cuddly toys, treats, care and hygiene products, accessories and even food. You can tailor the box depending on whether your cat is a kitten, adult or senior. They also do 'Pawsome' Boxes for dogs.

#6 Cat Hampurr

Country: UK

Price: £15.90/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
You can choose to have this box every other month for a lower payment, or 'double helpings' for a higher payment, which I think is useful if you have more cats or you want just to try a smaller box. The people behind this subscription personally test all of the products they put in the boxes to make sure they are happy with them. They include the usual categories of treats, toys, and accessories, as well as hygiene products and perhaps even cat related gadgets.

Do you have a cat who would love a subscription like this? I am planning on doing a dog version- let me know in the comments if you know of any dog based subscription plans that I should include!


  1. Now, I LOVE cat, but I think mine is too spoilt already :D Great post!

    1. Hehe, people do tell me my cat is quite spoiled. :D


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