Monday, 29 May 2017

Stationery Subscription Boxes

Welcome back to another edition of my ongoing series of subscription lists, and this time I'm covering stationery boxes. Now I know there are some mixed boxes out there, such as things like Boxcitement that contain stationery and then other things like jewellery and homeware, so this time I'm focusing on boxes that are purely stationery only. I've tried to include as many as possible but I didn't want to create an overwhelmingly large post so if I've missed any out you think are amazing, do let me know in the comments below, I'd love to hear more!

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#1 Papergang by Oh Deer

Papergang is brought to you by the guys at Ohh Deer, that amazing website full of fun cards, stationery bits and homeware that we all know and love. Each month you will receive a selection of things such as cards, notebooks, paper products, desk accessories, and most products will be exclusive to the box before they hit the main Ohh Deer website. Every month there is a theme, for example this month (May 2017) it is bees! Every month the products will be designed by one particular artist, so everything will follow the theme well.

Price: £9.95/month, plus £1.95 P&P

#2 Spotlight Stationery

Spotlight Stationery boxes can be monthly or every other month. These boxes seem very grown up and suitable as gifts! You won't know what you get until the box arrives, and luckily it won't be delayed as the boxes are slim size and will fit through most standard letterboxes. They dispatch worldwide for additional charges and offer a money back guarantee.

Price: £25/month, plus £2 P&P

#3 Ink Drops

Ink Drops is for people who still love writing handwritten correspondence, which is a dying practice in this day and age! You will receive things like notelets, cards, and paper to make your letters really stand out. Your box will be a surprise every month, and you can cancel any time.

Price: £15.45, inc. P&P

#4 #PaperHaul by Crafty Creatives

Crafty Creatives does several different craft and creative subscriptions, hence the name I suppose. Their stationery box is perfect if you love your paper goods! There isn't a lot more info on what you get in your box but there is currently a discount code on their sign up page so it may be worth a go if you're looking for a reasonably priced box to dip your toe into.

Price: £10/month, plus £2 P&P

#5 YooHoo Mail

Here is a box I have actually reviewed on the blog- read the review here. You don't actually sign up for a rolling subscription, although you can buy a 3 month subscription at once if you want. Usually you just buy each month as a one off purchase each month when it is released, via the YooHoo shop website. You will receive things such as prints, cards, notecards, gift tags, place cards, and more.

Price: £10, inc. P&P

#6 HoneyTreePost

Another subscription that will probably fit through your letterbox, Honeytree Post send notelets, cards, prints, labels and other exciting stationery things. Each month will fit around a theme, and a extra free new member post box worth £12 will be sent to every reader worth £12! They also have a subscription for young stationery fans.

Price: £15/month, inc. P&P

#7 Happy Paper Club by The Green Gables

With this book you get paper goods, inspirational messages, and as a member you get a discount on everything at the shop at The Green Gables website. You can sign up as a monthly member or pay a little extra for a one off taster box. The Green Gables donates 10% of annual profits to charities.

Price: £10/month, inc. P&P

#8 Busy Bee Stationery

This is a box for my international readers, with USA shipping free. They ship worldwide too! They send items for helping you with writing your journal, taking notes, and writing letters. So expect lots of lovely paper bits.

Price: $39.90/month, inc. P&P for USA residents. $7.50 for Canada and $12.50 for anywhere else.

Have you tried any of the subscriptions on the list, or do you have one to tell me about that isn't here? Let me know in the comments below!

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Lip Monthly Subscription- May 2017 Review

About the box
Lip Monthly is a USA based subscription that sends 4-5 lip products every month, some of which you can customise in advance. The products are always full sized, no sample sizes here!

$12.95/month (approx. £10.11), plus $3.99 (approx £3.11) P&P to the UK (shipping is free within the US)

What I got
I was really nervous when I subscribed to this as the only other US based subscription I've had before is So Susan. I wasn't sure how long it would take or if it would have added customs charges. I needn't have worried though. It took about the same amount of time as the So Susan bag to arrive- a week- and was slim enough in it's little jiffy bag to fit through my letterbox. There were no extra charges at customs.

I gather that there is a different little bag each month, and this months is the very summery yellow daisy. I actually really like it as it matches my blog logo quite well as well! This may well be my new favourite little makeup pouch.

The first item I pulled out was the City Color Dual Lip Wand in Mauve ($4.00, approx. £3.12). This is a double ended lip product- one side is a gloss with doe foot applicator, the other side is a lipstick. The gloss is kind of watery and sticky so I'm not sure if I'd use that end but I really like the lipstick, it's quite creamy and very everyday and wearable. This product is cruelty free, which is great.

This next product kind of confused me, as this is a lip product subscription and this is an eyeshadow. It's the Luna Eyeshadow Crayon in Gemini ($24.00, approx. £18.74). It's essentially a twist up eyeshadow crayon in a plastic tube, in a sort of antique gold shade. I don't really use eyeshadow crayons- if I want to use eyeshadow I prefer to use a brush and palette. I can't find this product online so I can't verify their valuation of the product, but either way I definitely wouldn't pay nearly £20 for this.

Next is the Starlooks Ultra Luxe Longwear Lip Pencil in Sublime ($19.00, approx. £14.83). I have never really got the hang of lip pencils but that's probably because I haven't had enough of them to practice it properly. This one is quite a nice neutral colour so I will be able to use it. It goes on very smooth and easily so won't be too tricky I don't think.

Finally is this extremely bright Bang Beauty Gloss in Rosie ($18.00, approx. £14.05). It's a really bright pink, the photo actually tones it down somewhat so imagine it much brighter! It's a very smooth formulation and not too sticky so in another colour I might like it but this is definitely not a me colour. I couldn't find anything about this product online either which was annoying.

Final thoughts
As you've probably guessed, I wasn't that impressed by this subscription. I was really excited about the idea of a lip product only affair, but then I found an eyeshadow crayon in my bag, of all things! Added to that the lack of information on the included info card, the dubious shades and the fact that it's a US subscription so takes a while to come and has extra shipping fees- well, I decided this sub probably isn't for me. It was worth a go though! I will probably still use at least two of the products and the little pouch, so it wasn't a complete non-starter.

Have you tried Lip Monthly before? Would you want a subscription that concentrated on only one type of beauty product?

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Boxcitement Box- May 2017 Review

About the box
Boxcitement is a monthly subscription that describes itself as 'a box of fun every month'. You will receive things such as stationery, jewellery, gifts, homeware and crafty bits. It comes in a slim box that fits through your letterbox so can be ordered even if you will be out of the house.

£18/month, inc. P&P

What I got
This months theme is Cutie Fruity, which I thought was very suitable considering the temperatures in the UK have just soared (relatively speaking if you're a Brit anyway) and we're all feeling the heat. I actually felt like I really wanted a juicy fruit salad as I went through the box and saw everything inside.

The first item I saw on opening the box was these lovely Fruit Cocktail Coaster Kit. They are printed on both sides, one side with pineapples and the other side it says 'Party like a pineapple'. There is a little card with some yummy thirst quenching drink recipes which I would love to try out with my family over the summer. I love the coasters and the pineapple theme.

Next we have the pack of Succulent Fruit Stickers, in assorted bright fruit shapes. I will definitely find a use for these- I am a big fan of stickers and I love fruity stationery. They're shiny/coated so they will be fairly hard wearing.

The word you're looking for is: HOORAY
Click here to go back to the giveaway (well done!)

This is the Fruity Fridge Magnet- it has a sort of sunshine rays and watermelon print on it. I thought it was a little cosmetic mirror at first as it's so weighty feeling, but it's actually a big round magnet. I will stick this on my fridge to make it nice and summery.

There's some more stationery here, these are the Stylish Fruity Note Cards. There's strawberry, watermelon and apple/quote note cards, along with some little envelopes so you can send some summery missives to your friends and family. My favourite is the strawberry, I may even frame it.

Next I found this Mounted Art Print, which looks like it has a little abstract peach in there, along with some flowers and other abstract things floating about. I will probably frame this and put it in my hallway or bedroom. I love that they have actually mounted it properly, that's a lovely thought.

This is my absolute hands down favourite item from the box- the Fruit Punch Long Length Necklace. It's a wooden necklace on a cord and I think you could easily adjust the length by putting a new knot in a different part of it. The bottom bit definitely looks like a slice of kiwi and then there are two brightly coloured bits up top, which really match the Cutie Fruity theme. I will be wearing this all summer without a doubt.

Finally, there were some smaller bits and bobs floating around in the bottom of the box. There is a Bright Lime Bookmark, which will definitely be used as I'm a bookworm, as well as some custom-designed washi tape, which will go into my extensive stocks of washi tape. Finally there is a Banana Eraser which is absolutely adorable, look at his tiny face and his little fruit basket! I love him so much, I think he will have to live with the little Lollipop Clip dude which I got from this months Lollipop Box Club.

Final thoughts
Boxcitement has really succeeded with sticking with a lovely fruity theme this month. It is a really unique subscription which I think would actually be a good gift for someone as well as a subscription for yourself.

If you would like to subscribe to Boxcitement, their link is here (not and affiliate link).

If you want to get my subscription and blog updates before anyone else, you can follow me on Instagram where I usually post unboxed boxes and updates before the blog! Click here to visit my Instagram, or find the icon to the right of the page.


Monday, 22 May 2017

Little Known Box- May 2017 Review

About the box
Little Known Box sends you around 5-6 products every month from brands that may be niche, independent or less known. This includes categories of items such as nails, hair, makeup, skincare, and more.

£14.95/month, plus £3.75 P&P

What I got
I spotted a discount code for signing up to this box so jumped on it straight away as I had been eyeing up this subscription for a while and boy am I pleased I did.

I received a little thank you card for joining, along with two little thank you gifts as well, which I will detail below. I assume everyone gets these so this is a really lovely touch!

The first item I pulled out was this huge pack of Seacret Spa Makeup Remover Wipes (full size, 25 wipes, £19.95). Well besides the whopping price tag, these wipes are a bit different to any I've tried before- they're oil based. They're hydrating and soothing, and effectively remove waterproof makeup. I gave them a go and they are quite luxurious and soft, but I don't think I'd pay £19.95 for them.

Next up is an item I've wanted to try for a while as I've seen a few of my very favourite bloggers talking about them on Instagram- this is the Spacemasks Interstellar Relaxation Mask (sample size of one mask, worth £3.00). This is a soothing, relaxing eye mask, a little like the ones you put on in an aeroplane to block out the light. Iron filings work to self heat the mask, along with jasmine for a chill out scent. This is something I can't wait to try, and if it works I'd definitely consider buying more. I get frequent migraines and tension headaches, so soothing eye masks are my thing.

This is the Nanshy Large Blending Brush (full size, £5.95), and I'm really pleased to see it in the box. I don't have many eyeshadow brushes and I have heard good thinga about Nanshy brushes. Nanshy synthetic brushes are 100% vegan, cruelty free and PETA approved, as well as having antibacterial bristles. I am always on the lookout for cruelty free brush brands so this is a great addition.

Now for a skincare item, this is the Betty Hula Body Moisturiser (full size, 120ml, £12.99). This is an extremely thick moisturiser, more like a body butter than a cream in my opinion, although if you warm it up between your hands it will soften. It is handmade, and contains shea butter, along with beautiful scents of rum, blackcurrant, champagne and spice. The pot it comes in is made of glass with a plastic lid, which makes it feel very weighty and premium. It is suitable for dry skin, scars, stretchmarks and soothing sunburn, as well as combination and oily skin.

Here we have the Oils Of Heaven Organic Argan Moisture Retention Face Oil (sample/travel size, 15ml, worth £9.50). This is meant to be used on your face but since I suffer with acne and fairly oily skin I probably wouldn't use this on this area. It says on the bottle that you can use it on stretchmarks so I may use it on my legs. This is made with organic argan oil which contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are excellent for nourishing your skin.

This is the last main item in the box, and without a doubt my favourite, the Technic Cosmetics Highlighter in 'Pink Sparkle' (full size, £3.49). When you open the lid this is absolutely dazzling, although when swatched it is, thankfully, very slightly calmer! You will only need a light hand when using this, unless you're going out as a unicorn princess today, in which case, go you! This is a brand new launch to Technic Cosmetics, so I was really pleased to see this and I do love bright highlighters, so I will be playing around with this for sure.

There was a 'bonus' item, this Makeup Pouch (full size, by Little Known Box, £4.49). I have about a thousand (okay maybe not a thousand) different makeup bags and pouches, so I probably won't need or use this, but I will most likely have a friend or family member who will take this off my hands. It's ideal for a little travel size makeup kit.

Finally, they includes some lovely welcome gifts. First there was the HJ Manicure 5 Free Nail Polish in 'Candy Pink' (full size, £9.50). This will be a lovely summer colour for my toes. Then there was a little sample of nugg Flaxseed & Peppermint Oil Revitalising Facemask.

Final thoughts
What an amazing first box for me to try from Little Known Box! Even without the welcome gifts, this was jam packed. I will definitely enjoy using the brush and highlighter most. I love that they include cruelty free and niche brands, this box is so up my street.

If you want to sign up to Little Known Box too, click here. You can use the code NEW10 to get 10% off any first order.

Cat Subscription Boxes

Okay, I'm really sorry, this is not a post about subscriptions where you have kittens delivered to your door. I wish! No, this is a post about the subscription boxes that have sprung up to serve the needs of the very important pets living in your household- your cats.

I have included both UK boxes and boxes from overseas, and there are quite a few, so let's get going!

#1 Pet Nature Box

Country: UK

Price: £18.00/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
Pet Nature Box started as an independent pet and pet health shop, and now they offer subscriptions. The cat box includes treats and toys, and they also have an online store with pet themed items. They do dog subscription boxes too, if you don't want your puppy to feel left out!

#2 PurrBoxes

Country: UK

Price: £9.95/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
PurrBoxes say they were the first cat subscription box in the UK, and each months box contains at least four items including toys, treats, a months worth of catnip and cat grass. The boxes are slim enough to fit through most letterboxes so hopefully the postie doesn't need to leave a calling card!

#3 KitNip Box

Country: USA, but ships elsewhere (see below)

Price: $19.99/month (approx. £15.33/month), plus $7.95 (approx. £6.10) P&P if sending to Europe.

About the box:
KitNip Box is based in the USA but they also ship to Canada, Europe, Mexico and Australia. They do a box for multi cat households for an extra $10, so if you have more than one cat they needn't fight over the goodies! They donate a portion of their proceeds to animal welfare charities worldwide, including The Paw Project, San Francisco SPCA, and Brooklyn Animal Action. Each box contains toys, treats, accessories, hygiene items, health products and even cat related gadgets.

#4 Paw Post

Country: UK

Price: £22.95/month, plus £1.95 P&P

About the box:
Paw Post is another UK based box, and like others it also caters for your doggy friends too. They focus on eco friendly and natural products, treats and toys. You might find you get products in your box before they hit the shops as well!

#5 Purrfect Box

Country: UK

Price: £19.90/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
The Purrfect Box contains interactive and cuddly toys, treats, care and hygiene products, accessories and even food. You can tailor the box depending on whether your cat is a kitten, adult or senior. They also do 'Pawsome' Boxes for dogs.

#6 Cat Hampurr

Country: UK

Price: £15.90/month, inc. P&P

About the box:
You can choose to have this box every other month for a lower payment, or 'double helpings' for a higher payment, which I think is useful if you have more cats or you want just to try a smaller box. The people behind this subscription personally test all of the products they put in the boxes to make sure they are happy with them. They include the usual categories of treats, toys, and accessories, as well as hygiene products and perhaps even cat related gadgets.

Do you have a cat who would love a subscription like this? I am planning on doing a dog version- let me know in the comments if you know of any dog based subscription plans that I should include!