Thursday, 13 April 2017

Naturisimo Good Hair Day Discovery Box Review

About the box
Naturisimo is an online ethical beauty company, who sell ethical beauty brands and occasionally do 'Discovery Boxes' centred around a certain theme. This particular box is the Good Hair Day Discovery Box.

This box is as usual a one off, with no subscription required- just pay a flat price of £13.95, with free worldwide delivery.

In the box

On opening there was this cute little poem about their recyclable packing and posting materials. My cat tried to eat the packing peanuts so I had to put them in the recycling bin quick sharp! He's a strange beast...

I was really impressed on first glance how much they packed in to such a little box. I have really thick, long hair so it's not like I'm going to run out of hair to test these products on!

The first item was packed in it's own little fishnet stocking which made me laugh- I'm sure there was a more sensible reason behind it but I just had a giggle at how silly it was. :)

The item in question was the Tabitha James Kraan Organic 4 in 1 Golden Citrus Conditioner (60ml, sample size, worth approx £13.50*). This can be used as a traditional rinse out conditioner, a scalp moisturiser, a styling aid (so on wet hair before drying, for example), and as a traditional leave in conditioner. It is vegan, 92% certified organic, made in England and not tested on animals- all great credentials. My long thick hair gets very dry so I am really pleased to have such a versatile conditioner to try. The citrus scent is quite strong just on my hand but I think when it's distributed through my hair it will settle to a nice citrusy background scent. This is definitely a win for me.

The next item in the box is John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender (60ml, travel size, worth $26 (canada), approx £15.66*). I couldn't find this size in many UK stores so I got the values from the Canadia John Masters website. This is made from certified organic lavender, and gluten free (not sure why this would be a good thing unless someone with Coeliac were to want to eat it?!). It creates gentle body and waves, just spray in and go. I love salt sprays, they add body without having to backcomb or anything like that. Apparently it can also absorb oil which is useful. I love lavender scents so I will definitely use this.

Next is the Fushi Really Good Hair Oil, (10ml, sample size, worth approx £1.80*). I am a bit weird about hair oils- they tend to just weigh my hair down, even when I put it on the ends. I do occasionally use it when I leave my hair naturally curly though, to tame it a bit, so I will try this. It may only be 10ml but hair oils seem to last ages so this should give me a good couple of months use. It also smells lovely- it contains Sweet Almond oil which I think is what I'm loving about the scent.

Next there is Balance Me Protect and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (both 30ml, sample size, worth approx. £1.50-2 each*). These are suitable for all hair types, and are free from parabens and sulphates, as well as many other things (pegs? what are pegs? well they're free of them anyway). They're fairly small, considering I have so much hair, so they won't last long. But I never say no to trying a new shampoo and conditioner, so these will go in my shower.

Finally there were two sets of sachet samples. One from John Masters Organics-  the Rose & Apricot Hair Milk, and Citrus & Neroli Detangler. Also, from Rahua, the Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm not really in need of any more volume (!) so I think I'll pass these onto my sister.

Final thoughts
This was a lovely box- I always like the Discovery boxes from Naturismo. It's great to be introduced to some natural/ethical brands that might otherwise be off limits to me due to price or lack of knowing how to find them. My favourite is definitely the 4 in 1 conditioner- it's so versatile and I will definitely use it.

The Good Hair Day Discovery Box is still on sale here if you want your own.

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* I am not great at maths so the prices I gave for the sample sizes may not be completely accurate! Take them with a small pinch of salt. They're more like a rough guide.

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