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My Little Box- April 2017 Review

About the box
My Little Box was originally a French subscription, but now they have a UK subscription too, and it contains a selection of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. Every month there is a theme and the box is decorated to match.

£14.95 a month

What I got
This months theme is 'Garden'. The box itself is really beautiful, so beautiful that I let my mum nab it off me when it was empty!

The box always comes packed up with the My Little Box ribbon, and on top was this Calendar of fruit & veg and when they're in season. If you like to eat seasonally it will be really handy- I think it could be useful if you want to get into growing your own fruit and vegetables as well. It definitely fits with the Garden theme.

Next was this Magnetic List Notepad. It has a few recipes on the first pages, but cooking isn't really something I do a lot of (not serious, from-scratch cooking anyway- does the microwave count?). I will stick it on my fridge and perhaps try and use it for reminders of what I'm running out of. It's cute, but not really something I needed. To be fair, I'm probably in the minority, I imagine lots of people would love this.

There's often a little snack in the box, and this month there was the Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites (sample- full size is £1.49 and also available in Natural, Sesame and Chia Seed). They're high in fibre, gluten free, have no added sugar and are (supposedly) part of your five a day. I tried these, and I really did not like them, but I kind of have a sweet tooth and these are not in the slightest bit sweet. They're kind of like a really crunchy, slightly salty, round bit of dried coconut.

This is my favourite item from the box, the Fruit Shake Water Bottle. This is one of those infuser bottles, where in the middle section you pack it with fruit (or whatever you want), and then slot it in, add water, and let the water be 'infused' with the flavour. I think I will try lemons or apples first. It's a great idea and I really need any help I can get to drink more water as I have ongoing kidney stone problems. The middle part, where you put the fruit, is a little hard to get out but I found if you turn it upside down and give a good hard tap on the bottom it falls out easily.

In every box the beauty bits are packed into a little cloth bag- I always keep these as they are handy for storing things in, not just beauty but snacks and stationery/craft items.

The first beauty type item was the Mixa Restoring Body Lotion (full size, 250ml, £6.49). This is the one thing I actually forgot to photograph (doh) but you can find it here on the Superdrug website if you want to see it! One thing I've not liked about My Little Box lately is the sheer amount of moisturisers and lotions they keep sending. I have never had dry skin, and often if I try and use moisturiser on my arms or legs it just sits there on my skin. I really do not need it most of the time. All the same, this is for ultra dry skin, fast absorbing, non greasy and apparently 'French pharmacy enthusiasts are crazy for it'. I will be passing this on to my mum who has crazy dry skin and will really appreciate it.

Next was the Easy Morning Perfect Face Treatment. There wasn't much information about it but I gathered it was more of a morning primer/moisturiser. Again, not really something I can use, so I gave this to my mum as well. This is one of My Little Box's own beauty products from their My Little Beauty brand.

The last beauty item was the My Little Beauty Vitamin Shot, a scrub containing apricot seeds for the scrubbing part and argan oil to nourish skin. I don't really use scrubs on my face, so this was yet another thing I couldn't use and will be passing on to my mum or sister.

Finally there was this little green and blue printed scarf, with the My Little Box branding printed on it. They packaged it in a little envelope printed with ideas for how to use it- tied in your hair, round your neck (far too small for that!), round your handbag (doesn't match), on your jeans (I don't wear jeans!). I'm not really sure what to do with this, I might just use it for backgrounds for photos or maybe as a decorative item round the house. It's not exactly versatile due to it's size. Hmm.

Final thoughts
As you might have realised from reading this post, I was not keen on this box at all. My Little Box has got obsessed with sending out moisturisers and lotions, and I just do not use them. I also found the paper products kind of fragile- the notepad has already had a few pages tear off accidentally. The bottle is nice, although not the best quality, but I will definitely try it. I hope the next box is better but if it isn't I may be seriously reconsidering my subscription, which is a shame as MLB has long been my refuge from samey samey subscription boxes elsewhere that shall go unnamed.

If you want to subscribe to My Little Box, the subscription page is here (this is not a referral link).

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