Friday, 21 April 2017

Love Me Beauty- April 2017 Review

About the box
Love Me Beauty is a bit different to the other boxes- every month you get 60 credits, and get to choose from a menu of items. Each item is assigned a different amount of credits by Love Me Beauty, so you could choose lots of small credit items and get a really full box, or a couple of high value high credit items and get an extra special but more empty box. It's fun to see every month what they've got- they've had some amazing brands in the past like Charlotte Tilbury.


£10 a month + £3.95 postage and packing

What I got

This month there were a lot of make up brushes and sponge type things from Eco Tools, which are a cool brand. There were also some make up bits and hair bits, so there was a lot to choose from. In the end I went for three 20 credit items.

The first item was this EcoTools Contour Perfecting Applicator (20 credits, full size, £5.16 here). It's apparently certified cruelty free by Peta, 100% vegan and uses tree free paper (I assume that refers to the packaging?) This is a sponge applicator on a brush 'stick'. It's for moderate coverage, sculpting cheekbones and highlighting. It's actually smaller than it looks in the packaging. The sponge itself is quite firm. I've only ever used sponges like this in a beauty blender sort of way, so using it like a makeup brush will be weird- I don't know if holding the handle will make it harder or easier. I suppose I can only try it.

Next I chose the Living Proof Style Lab Prime Style Extender (20 credits, sample size, 30ml). This is supposed to be similar to a face primer, but for hair. You apply from roots to ends on damp hair and then style as usual. I think this will be useful if I was going to dry and straighten my hair for an outing and wanted it to last a while. It smells lovely, so I would definitely want my hair smelling of this.

Finally, I chose this Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade 'Outlaw' (20 credits, sample, 3ml). I've never tried anything by Kat Von D before but I've read so many people talk about how much they love it and so many Youtubers I watch think the brand is great too, so I thought I'd try something. It's a really bold, smooth formula. However, it's a very out there colour so I'll have to wait until I feel brave enough to wear something like that. I would definitely like to try something else from the brand though.

Final thoughts
This was a cool selection, although I can't help think that the samples are a little small and that with other books you get a lot more for the same amount of money. I love the freedom to choose but with that freedom you don't get much back for your money. I will see what they have for the next edit/menu in May but I don't know if this will be a regular subscription for me. Maybe just one for when I see something I like in the edit.

If you would like to subscribe to Love Me Beauty, the link is here (not a referral link).

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