Sunday, 23 April 2017

DAME Period Essentials Subscription Box Review- UPDATED

About the box
DAME box, formerly Sanitary Owl, is a subscription box that sends you your monthly essentials for your period. That includes things like pads, tampons but also optional extras such as heat pads, chocolate, disposal bags, tea and painkillers like Nurofen.

The price varies greatly depending on what you include in your box. A basic box with no extras- just pads and tampons would be £3.50 plus £2.50 postage.

What I got
Well, this was a weird one. When I signed up the website seemed very different to how it was when I came back to it today. There seems to be more personalisation available now, which when I signed up a few weeks ago there wasn't. I thought maybe it was because I signed up on my phone but I double checked the mobile website and that has improved too. Either that or my browser was playing silly when I signed up? They also made some errors with my box- they sent two different brands of tampons when I asked for one, and they left out one disposal bag, only sending me three.

The box arrives in a long slim flat box, which my postie easily got through the letter box. It still has some owl branding on which I think must be left over from when they were Sanitary Owl. Apparently my dedicated owl was 'Reggie'. :)

There was a little sticker reminding you that they're now known as DAME along with their new web address. I honestly had no idea when  I signed up that they were the same people. I hadn't thought about Sanitary Owl in ages, and I haven't used them before.

According to the card in the box they do some work towards supporting vulnerable women around the UK, which is pretty cool. You can read more about that here.

As well as the mix of tampons and pads I ordered (which the wrong kind, but never mind), they also sent a large cotton drawstring bag, and a little zippy pouch (above). I also picked a Cura-Heat 12 hour Pain Relief Patch. These are those sticky self heating patches that you put on over a t-shirt or vest and they do basically the same thing as a hot water bottle, but in a more portable way. It says it's for period pain but it doesn't do anything special for periods other than heat up, so basically any Cura-Heat patch from the range would do. I think it's just shaped to fit tummies and lower backs better.

They also sent some Fab Little Bags for disposal of used sanitary items. These are biodegradable. They actually didn't send as many as they were supposed to- again, not sure what went wrong there, but never mind.

Final thoughts
Overall, I don't think this is one for me. If you want the little extras, like chocolate and tea, you have to pay a lot more. For example, if I wanted pads, tampons, a bar of Doisy & Dam chocolate, some disposal bags, a face mask, and a heat pad, the price tots up to a whopping £12.50. When you compare this to the likes of Pink Parcel, who will send you something very similar, but different every month, curated and £10.50! Well, I think I'd probably go for Pink Parcel. I also think DAME might be having some teething problems, as they made some errors with my box that aren't disastrous but are a little annoying.

If you want to sign up for DAME, the link is here (not a referral link).

I got in touch with DAME to tell them about my experience and their customer service is actually really amazing. The lady I spoke to was really sorry to hear about the problems I experienced and immediately sent out replacements. I wanted to add this to my review so that people could see how great their customer service is. I think they are working on improvements and indeed you can already see this with the customisation options on their website.

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